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Best Eggs Benedict

HI all,
This is just about my favourite breakfast item ever, and I was wondering if you have any suggestions on where I may find what you consider the best eggs benedict in toronto.

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  1. Pomegranate in the Beach. Wonderful!

    1. Dr. Generosity's in Bloor West Village has an outstanding eggs benny. I've never had a bad experience with the standard version and they always have a yummy 'special' like crab and spinach with a dill infused hollandaise. Do yourself a favour and ask for the sweet potato fries with maple syrup sour cream instead of homefries. This breakfast is sooo good it's probably the reason we evolved mouths in the first place!

      1. I would have to say Thuet.

        1. Joy on Queen St. E. Excellent.

          1. If you are looking for a casual venue in North Toronto, a "upscale" pub called The Abbott Pub does them most wonderfully! Yonge Street, about 6 blocks north of Lawrence, east side.

            1. Not sure if it's the best in Toronto, but I quite like the Eggs Benny at Over Easy (Avenue and Bloor). Too many places use deli ham, or something of the sort. Over Easy uses real baked ham, off the bone. I've stuck with it since.

              1. Peartree Restaurant located at 507 Parliament Street. Excellent.

                1. Niagara Street Cafe is first - great hollandaise that has a perfect mix of cream and lemon that's hard to get. Comes on their own cooked biscuit that's nice as well.

                  Sugar is also great too.

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                      Not necessarily, though some recipes do call for a small amount. My favourite easy recipe is Blender Hollandaise at http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/rec... .

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                        Sorry I think I meant butter there...

                        Coincidentally I went to Niagara Street this past weekend for the benedict and was for the first time underwelmed. I missed a little extra lemon they always seem to have in the hollandaise and the biscuit was overly dry. Was still a decent benedict, just not THE benedict that I always go for.

                        Still, nice service, great banana bread starter (warm, with butter), and pleasant surroundings still make it a good brunch destination..

                    2. Believe it or not The Bloor Street Diner (in the Manulife Centre) makes a terrific Eggs Benedict...perfect for a light bite after a movie at the Varsity. One drawback...it can be incredibly noisy but I persevere because there aren't many places around there that serve 'light items' after 5 p.m. Another choice is "Over Easy" but only during the day because they close at 4 p.m. The New Yorker Deli is dreadful for almost everthything except soup.

                      1. No one mentioned Le Petit Dejeuner? Fantastic eggs benny, too bad its always packed on the weekends. Worth the wait though.

                        1. Provence Delicies has wonderful eggs benny, but you have to get the whole 'prix fixe' brunch menu I believe (which is also wonderful)

                          1. Yes, Provence Delicies has lovely Eggs Benedict as does the far more casual Chapter 11 right around the corner from it.

                            Very best Eggs Benedict is Studio Cafe at the Four Seasons Yorkville. You'll pay for it though.

                            1. when they make them (rotating menu of several weekly selections) Saving Grace in the west end on dundas makes some inspired choices.

                              I also quite like the ones at fire on the east side, they have several kinds although the ones served on crab cakes are my favorite.

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                                eggs benny on crab cakes?

                                okay, that right there is a good reason to try fire on the east side, which has never really called my name

                                what's their hollandaise like?

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                                  it's a grapefruit hollandaise, which has a very subtile citrus taste but is generally pretty thick and creamy.

                                  I don't eat there very often for dinner, but I find the brunch is rather good for the most part (and price range)

                                  check it out.

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                                    I think I will - thanks for the tip.

                                    The fried tomato bennie or salad sound intriguing too.

                              2. Absolute best eggs benedict EVER are at the Sunday Brunch at the Millcroft Inn. They are worth the drive.

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                                  really? I was at the Millcroft Inn last summer and I wasn't impressed by the food, in general, at all. I didn't have the eggs benedict though.

                                2. Hello Toast has a fantastic Benny and Hair of the Dog on Church Street