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Mar 1, 2007 02:14 PM

Ovaltine biscuits

In an Asian market in Boston (Super 88) I bought some nice little cookies called "Ovaltine Biscuits". They're very crisp, barely sweetened, and have that malty, mild chocolate flavor of Ovaltine. Each cookie is embossed with the word, "Ovaltine". One pack cost me .99. And that's all I bought, one pack, and now they're almost gone.

The package looks like this:

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  1. can be bought in England.

    1. Here in Toronto, I can buy them at almost any grocery store, they are one of my favorites...not to sweet, perfect for dunking. That reminds me...add to this weeks shopping list

      1. I bet you those are popular in hong kong. I'm in boston too and I also love ovaltine, so I'll definitely give those a try