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Mar 1, 2007 02:08 PM

Greenwood-Gerrard Delivery?

Anyone have any recommendations for good delivery to the Greenwood / Gerrard area? (Or good places within reasonable walking distance?) MSG free is a must. I typically stick with Rashnaa, Siddhartha, Seabreeze, and Dangerous Dan's (when I need a burger, am willing to settle for mediocrity, and don't feel like making my own), but I'd like to branch out.

I've also tried Omonia (which, while tasty, unfortunately, was not MSG free) and Udupi Palace (which I didn't much care for). I'm probably trying D&D Trinistyles tonight for the first time as well, so you can skip over those three :-).

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  1. Ghali Kitchen delivers Friday and Saturday nights to the east-side. Or, they're supposed to...
    They used to be at Greenwood & Queen but moved downtown.

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    1. re: Herb

      I'm definitely going to take this suggestion. I was dying to try that place when it was here but they moved before I got around to it. I'm still kicking myself over it!

    2. What about the Pakistani place on the northeast corner of Greenwood and Gerrard? Had kebabs and rice there one day and they were pretty tasty. Word of warning, found it a bit spicy, but I think I'm a wuse(sp). I found D.&D too greasy. Also Pizza Pied at Pape and
      Gerrard for Turkish pizza was good, I'm not sure about delivery.

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      1. re: Leslieville

        I actually haven't tried Baba's Grill yet! My landlord said he wasn't impressed when he went, but then again I have no idea is his tastes are similar to mine at all, so perhaps I should give them a go. And Pizza Pide has been on my list of "to trys" for awhile now... maybe I'll have to run out and grab a slice today! Thanks!

      2. Aji Sai at Danforth and Jones should work - good sushi and other Japanese food. Not sure about the MSG factor.
        Bona Pizza and Pasta, much discussed on the board.

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        1. re: julesrules

          I ended up trying Bona Pizza, which was spectacular. The quattro fromaggio with dill was superb, and their hot wings ate a hole through my stomach. Thanks for the recommendation!

          1. re: vorpal

            I also love the quatro formaggio. Are the wings breaded (under the sauce)? They usually are from pizza places and I don't like 'em that way.

            1. re: julesrules

              Sorry for the delay in getting back to this! I didn't notice the reply. No, the wings were not breaded, although they were very small compared to wings I've gotten from other places. With wings this hot, given the intensity, smaller ended up being better, though, so no complaints from me! I'd recommend trying them once if you're ordering from them, although you can probably do much better in the city.

        2. Mong Kut Thai (Danforth/Pape) is very popular at my house.

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          1. re: Julie McCoy

            Thanks for the heads up... I believe that my partner and I did order from them once and both ended up suffering significant MSG reactions (very odd for Thai, as they're quite conscious of MSG and avoid it generally), which was disappointing because we found their food to be above the average Thai offerings in TO.