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Mar 1, 2007 01:53 PM

Chinese or Thai on the westside

I am still searching for Chinese and Thai Restaurants on the westside. I was a fan of JR's but I have been disapointed recently since it became Hop Li. Thai has been an endless seach through mediocre and bland cuisine. Am I missing something?

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  1. There isn't anything stellar but Hu's on the corner of, what I guess, could be called National and National is where'd I'd go for Chinese. It's on a weird bend between Overland and Motor. Thai Boom on the north side of Venice Blvd. between Kelton and Westwood is decent.

    1. Chan Dara (Pico and Bundy) is not the best value, but it's pretty tasty. The bar is also a decent place to watch the Lakers, drink some beer, and eat Thai appetizers.

      1. Let me second the rec for Thai Boom. Not as spicy as Wat Thai on the weekends, but flavorful and aromatic.

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          thai boom will happily make the food as spicy as you want it to be.\
          they are TREMENDOUSLY accomodating.

        2. in a pinch, hop woo on sepulveda/olympic will do.

          1. Third Thai Boom. We had the green mango salad, the papaya salad and the red curry with pork. All three very good, especially the green mango. The curry was very silky and tasty. Service was quick and friendly. Prices are astoundingly cheap. It's no LOS in Vegas but pretty darn good.