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Breakfast: W. L.A. / Culver City

Seeking suggestions for a business breakfast meeting in the Culver City / West L.A. area.

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  1. Culver City: Bluebird Bakery & Cafe or Cafe Laurent
    W. LA area: Amandine

    1. La Dijonaise in the Helms Bakery Building is a great place for a business breakfast.

      1. Rose Cafe in Venice or Joe's for something more upscale. Read something very positive recently about breakfast at C&O Trattoria in Marina del Rey.

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          Don't when Opuspa plans on this breakfast meeting, but if your are talking about Joe's on Abbot Kinney, they have brunch on weekends, but no breakfast during the week... wouldn't it be great, though?

        2. S&W Country Diner, Culver City.

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            Great breakfast, but perhaps too cramped and crowded for a business breakfast? I second the La Dijonaise rec.

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              We've had business breakfasts there. I guess it depends on the type of breakfast meeting, who it's between, etc.

          2. John O' Groat's. Mmm mmm good.

            1. http://www.chowhound.com/topics/35641...

              Someone just asked this...perhaps some suggestions here will help!

              1. Culver City: Gloria's
                West L..A. John O'Groats or Lemon Moon

                1. How 'bout Bluebird Bakery (Culver City), Cafe Surfas (Culver City), Clementine (W. LA/Century City), Amandine (Brentwood), or one of the Literatis (also in Brentwood)?

                  I need to branch out and expand my knowledge of Culver City, it seems...

                  1. More casual...

                    Lazy Daisy (on Pico)
                    Marmalade (yeah it's not "the best" but has a wide range of options and is decent)
                    Tudor House
                    Via Dolce on Montana
                    Novel Cafe on Pier
                    Sunset Grill on Ocean Park