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Mar 1, 2007 01:07 PM

B. Smith's

Someone mentioned in a conversation a short while ago that no one really talks about B.Smith's anymore. It seems that since she moved the restauarant to theater row from Eight Avenue, she's lost quite a bit of clientele.

Has anyone eaten at B's recently? Is it still the same vibe and quality as it was in the previous location?

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  1. I ate there a year ago, and will be eating there again next week...I don't think that the atmosphere is all that great, but everything that we ordered was delish...I am quite fond of the "swamp thang"...The fried green tomato appetizer was very good...Mac and Cheese very yummy...Cannot remember what else we ordered, but especially before a show, you really can't beat it...B. Smith herself is usually there, and is really quite gracious...I have to admit though, that I think that her restaurant in DC is a cut above this one...Still, I enjoyed our dinner there...

    1. Glad to know the food is still good. I enjoyed it when I ate there. I have heard the atmosphere a the new locations leaves something to be is much smaller than the old location on 8th Avenue.