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Mar 1, 2007 01:04 PM

AD HOC-please advise

8 adults from Florida, got resos for Napa Valley Grill Friday night April 13 and AD HOC Saturday night-any opinions, suggestions? Is AD HOC really casual? Should I consider another Yountville restaurant?

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  1. Ad Hoc is really casual. I went there a few weeks ago and loved it. Really a good value when you think about it -- four high quality courses for $45 (not sure if you know that it is one set menu for the evening)...we figured it would have cost approximately $25 more elsewhere if ordered separately (especially given the quality). Everything is served family-style. Wine service is very informal, but their list is of high quality and the prices reasonable.

    You may want to consider another place than Napa Valley Grill -- pretty mediocre overall...

    1. Try Redd right next door. We went with a party of 7 and it'll probably end up costing you $5-$10 more per person but at least you get to order off the menu. More importantly, you can make reservations. I don't think Ad Hoc takes reservations for parties less than 10 or 12.

      Here's my experience from 2 weeks ago:

      1. Ad Hoc does take reservations. I made reservation for 2 and it was fine. Here's my report:

        1. thanks, think I'll change napa valley grill-sounds touristy. need something the older folk can wear a jacket to and have the Napa dinner experience, any suggestions in Yountville (some place that will take resos for 8)?

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            I'd recommend Bistro Don Giovanni. It is close to Yountville (although technically in Napa)...some of the best Italian food in the valley and you'll find a wide variety of people dressed in a wide variety of ways. They can definitely accommodate a party of 8.

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              Bouchon and Bistro Jeanty are both good for the older folk and the wear-a -acket crowd. Redd is a little more hip--Richard Reddington brings a more East Coast vibe to the Valley. Both Bouchon and Bistro Jeanty "feel" more like Napa Valley to me.

              If you do go to Bouchon, ask if Erica or Shalin (SHah-lin) are working the night of your res. Both of them are exceptional servers with larger groups.

              And at Ad Hoc, you will not feel at all out of place in a jacket, but will also be appropriately dressed in what is colloquially referred to as "California casual." Nessie is one of my favorite servers there.

              Have a great trip!

            2. one reason i love ad-hoc is because i can walk in with denim and flip flops (ok maybe a etiquiette foul..but...), there's no reason why one group should feel obligated to dress casually. maybe bouchon if you want TK food...although i personally prefer ad-hoc or laundry.