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Peter Pan's Doughnut Shop

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How this place didn't pop up on anyone's CH radar I will never know. IMO they are the best doughnuts period . They are Manhattan Ave in Greenpoint. Once you eat them you can kiss DD and KC good bye. Check them out plus the they make a god cup of JOE. Has anyone CH been to this store . What do you think for Peter Pan ?

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  1. Peter Pan has been mentioned here and there. I'm with you that it's probably the best doughnuts in NYC.


    1. I haven't seen a posting on this place in a while.

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        i've mentioned it several times recently on various threads. i think they make some of the best, if not the best, donuts in the city.

      2. I used to go to this place when I lived in Greenpoint in 2003/04. It was my favorite place in the neighborhood along with Thai Cafe. The thing is, we never knew it was named Peter Pan then. There was no sign on the door, no awning with a name, nothing. We just called it "The Donut Shop on Manhattan Avenue." It was so old school, with plastic coffee cups, paper aprons, etc. The donuts rocked then, and I am sure they rock now. I am suddenly hungry.

        1. Great place and ridiculously cheap, and the girls who worked there last summer had shortest skirts in New York City....Not that there's anything wrong with that...

          1. oh, I would definitely say it's a favorite among any Greenpoint Chowhound. those are some damn fine donuts. now, I'm just waiting to watch someone I know eat the cream-filled, whipped cream and a cherry topped delight that lurks in the window. that looks to be 36 hours worth of calories.

            1. I love everything about that place...except the fact that it's not in MY neighborhood.
              Greenpoint has more than its fair share of deep fried doughy treats I think. ;)

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                oh you are right about that! between the donuts and the kielbasa, there ain't no low-fat livin' in Greenpoint! :)

              2. Manhattan and what? How do I not know about this place??

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                  i think it's on the block past meserole if you're walking towards mccarren park. and really, discovering it is kind of a mixed blessing. i have no desire to learn the calorie count of any of their products.

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                    Is it on the right side of Manhattan as you're walking towards McCarren? I think I know the place but never went in as it looked like a Twin Donuts.

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                      yep, between Meserole and Norman, just past the Eckerd.

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                        Yeah, it's on the right. The chocolate and the honey glazed are particularly good.

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                          in addition to the fantastic donuts, the place has great decor. it's a well-preserved 50s lunch counter.

                          (also, how great is that eckerd? it's a roller rink!)

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                            Before it was a roller rink (or a drug store) it was the Meserole Theater.

                            Love the donuts at what is now called Peter Pan. Also great is Alpha Donuts on Queens Blvd. in Sunnyside. I would say that it's a tossup between the two.

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                              Love that I can look up from the toilet paper, panty hose and antacids and see a disco ball! And you can buy a nice rose bush there, too! I got a few for my mother in law last year and they grew beautifully.

                      2. Are they open all night, I go thru this area at about 5am. Would like to check it out. Under the B train in Brooklyn on Ave U , there is a good old fashion shop.

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                          they open fairly early, but i'm not sure. 5am might be too early.