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Mar 1, 2007 12:26 PM

bought some smoked makerel fillets - now what?

I'm not quite sure what to do with these but they looked interesting.

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  1. Are they the vacuum-packed type or the canned in olive oil type? If the former, try shredding and using as a bagel topping either alone or on top of cream cheese. I also like chunks on top of a salad of mesclun and blanched sugar snap peas tossed with lemony vinaigrette and dotted with oven-roasted cherry tomatoes (which is a recipe I'm sure I stole from somewhere but I no longer remember where). The canned in olive oil type I tried recently and for my taste they were too mild to bother with again.

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      vacuum packed. I was thinking putting them on a bagel with cream cheese although the salad idea sounds good as well.

    2. I love lox and onion omelettes/scrambles, and used smoked mackerel in place of lox a few weeks ago. It was fabulous - even better than with lox.

      Just saute some sliced onion until the desired doneness, and add the beaten eggs that have been combined with chunks of mackerel. Make a scramble or an omelette, and enjoy.

      Smoked mackerel is also great in a salad and in a sandwich using pumpernickel bread, with tomatoes and onions.

      1. You can also make a spread (or dip, depending how much you thin it down) by mashing the fish up and mixing it with your choice of: cream cheese, sour cream, chopped onions or chives, black pepper, hot sauce, capers, horseradish, lemon juice. Choose any or all ingredients from the list, to taste.