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Mazzat on Columbia St

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Ate there the other night. I thought it was really good...some of the best babaganoush (sp?) I've ever had...really rich and smoky. It's too bad the place was so empty....I'm sure the construction out front is hurting them.

address: 208 columbia

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  1. This place is really nice. Great lighting, warm atmosphere, and the middle eastern tapas is delicious. The neighborhood needed something like this.

    1. Is this new and where exaclty on Columbia?

      1. 208 columbia. near degraw i think. its a couple months old.

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            No..they have a full bar and actually make some really great cocktails. And let me just add the the owner and staff are super nice and attentive (not annoying)

          2. Their kibbeh balls are excellent! We've been three or four times, always for the tapas but we've vowed to try their entrees next time.

            1. Went there for dinner last night. They start you off with a basket of pita bread and a lovely, thin lemony-tahini dipping sauce. My companion thought the quality of the pita was unimpressive, and it was no better than Sahara brand from the grocery store -- but I've never seen this "fluffy" pita bread she was talking about.
              Shared the vegetarian appetizer platter ($12), which included hummus, babaganoush, grape leaves, falafel, a small green salad and tabouli. Everything was very good and there was lots of it! Then my friend got the salmon main course, and I got some fiery red Armenian sausage covered in melted, vaguely stinky cheese. The salmon was OK, but didn't have anything on it even though the menu promised some of green sauce, I think. My sausage was very good, but even though it was on the tapas menu it was kind of a lot of chewy, hot sausage for one person. Better to share -- but I ate it all anyway. The whole bill, plus one iced tea, came to $39 and we both left totally stuffed.
              I really liked this place, and there were other things on the menu I'm interested in trying. But the real standout of the dinner was the falafel. They were shaped like little donuts, and the amazing thing about them was how they were so magnificently fried on the outside, but moist and tender on the inside. I have eaten tons of falafel in my life, and I have never had falafel that managed to actually be MOIST on the inside. On top of being so well cooked, they were just delicious. I've been thinking about going back there just for falafel all week!
              Give Mazzat a try. I would hate to see it go under, and Columbia Street can be tough!

              1. I'm generally extremely laid back about service, but I must say that I had one of the worst service experiences of my life at Mazzat. My boyfriend and I went in for a quick beer and snack while we were waiting for our takeout from Lucali. We had to order our Harpoons and hummus plate no less than three times. The pita was obviously store bought and the hummus was grainy. When we asked for our check twice, we were told the owner had to bring it to us, which took about 20 minutes. Overall, a dreadful experience, which makes me sad, because I want to support businesses on Columbia St!

                1. We ordered delivery the other nite... It was definitely commercially bought pita ( mediocre, at that). The hummus and baba were very good- but the baba was too smokey, as if they added liquid smoke. The tabooule had too much parsley. The lamb shwarma was actually sauteed- not real shwarma, so we were disappointed. It seemed too similar to mediocre Zaytoons for my taste. Probably won't go back- I can make yummy hummus at home and have awesome shwarma at Mamouns on Bleecker...

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                    how can tabouli have too much parsley? it's supposed to be a lot of parsley with a little bit of bulgar.