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Mar 1, 2007 12:00 PM

Beaconsfield Happy Hour

Anybody else leaving work early sometimes to get to the Beaconsfield for 5-7 happy hour? A pint of beer and a rotating special for $8. Mac n' cheese, fish n' chips, even 6 oysters one day (I forget which). And not crappy pints either - anything goes.

Great deal, nice environment, and before the (sometimes annoying) later crowd gets there.

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  1. are you saying a pint of beer AND a meal for $8?


    1. YES!

      I'm kind of shocked it hasn't been mentioned here before. I mean, it's a fancy/small portion and you may need to order something else...but the other night I had a pint of Stella and a great mac n' cheese for $8 and was carb-stuffed. I like being carb-stuffed.

      But you can always order your second beer and ask them to "save it" and just bring the food for now - they're cool with that. I can't think of another way to have a dozen oysters and two good pints for $16.

      1. ooo...when's oyster night????

        1. I think it's Thursday, but you should call to confirm. I seem to remember on oyster night they also offer the option of a glass of prosecco instead of beer if you like, which I thought was a class move. No doubt they get their oysters from Oyster Boy, same as The Beaver in that 'hood. Friday is fish n' chip night, and i forget what the other nights are - if you find out, post it here.

          1. i have to say that it's been a rare time recently that i've been excited at the possibility of a good deal found on chowhound... the big restaurants seem to currently be ruling the roost. i've enjoyed the beaconsfield for a drink every so often, it's lively, comfy and offers a couple of beers on tap i enjoy. so, plans on friday revolved around the beaconsfield with an option to hit the ceramic museum afterward.

            happy hour is $8 monday to friday with a bit of a boost on thursday for a good reason, oysters at $9. as childofthestorm said, it includes the beers which run at about $7 a pint for anything tasty. the menu goes as follows:

            monday - mussels in a white wine broth
            tuesday - can't for the life of me remember now... no sandwiches on this menu though
            wednesday - siumai with some sort of dipping sauce
            thursday - 6 oysters with the option of beer or prosecco
            friday - fish and chips in a curried breading with curry dill tartare

            a beer, healthy mound of fries plus a good 4oz piece of fish cooked just under well done with a crispy thick breading and mild curry flavour, no fire! the tartare was thick and matched well with the fish. loved the hoegaarden with it as well... the fruity citrus made a good match. quite full afterwards and happy. it filled up much more so by about 6:45 or 7ish and the lighting did keep dimming for the evening crowd.

            definitely looking forward to testing out thursdays.