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Mar 1, 2007 11:41 AM

Breakfast in Sunland?

It doesn't have to be fancy, but tasty is preferable...

Any suggestions?


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  1. Gee, S.A.M., almost two days and no replies.
    I guess it's Hostess fruit pies and bad coffee at 7-Eleven for Sunland.
    Hill Street Cafe,
    3301 N Glenoaks Blvd., Sun Valley,

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    1. o.k.. here's the gig...I keep my horse stabled in Shadow Hills. There's a place that the locals frequent called the Rise and Shine at the corner of Wheatland and Sunland Blvds. Not a greasy spoon, but very low profile except to the locals who've been going there forever. If you didn't know better, you'd probably pass on going in. It's hardly noticeable from the outside, not to mention located next to a liquor mart. I like it, good service, clean, and fine for breakfast,... but... if you don't ride a horse, reek of horse, or have even a remote dislike for horses, you may really really feel outta your element. So yes, Sunland has breakfast places. If you go, I've at least prepared you...

      Now, ....

      My preferred breakfast spot is Jeremy's, actually in La Crescenta, but fwy. close...pop onto the 210, head west, exit at Pennsylvania, head south to the bottom of the hill... as it curves s/e it's at the corner of Ramsdell and Honolulu. Great breakfast, omelets, pancakes, etc., including a great salsa with the huevos rancheros. Very friendly, locals and families, counter service too...and a horse isn't a prereq.

      I've tried a few places along Foothill in Sunland/Tujunga, on the stretch between Mt. Gleason and Sherman Grove but none were worth going back (either bleh food or lousy service).

      P.S. The place just east of Rise and Shine has changed names at least three times in the last few years... avoid's ???? Bistro was awful when I went there during the last two name changes, no telling what it's like now and whether it's under new ownership or just flipping names again.

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      1. re: Local

        I'll saddle up and check it out. Great! Thanks!


      2. oops, head EAST on the 210 to Penn. to get to Jeremy's...

        1. Sunland???? Hmmmm, AMPM has breakfast sandwiches. Or does micky D's still have the sausage croissant?;-)))

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            1. re: SecretAsianMan

              No, not nearly enough good restaurants around here. :(

              There's always Coco's in Sunland, right off the 210 fwy at Sunland. It's not bad, really - better than McDonalds.

              I have heard great things about Rise N Shine but haven't checked it out, yet.

          1. has anyone been to "al reids" (sorry if the spelling if off) on mt. gleason just north of sunland?

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            1. re: justanotherpenguin

              Didn't see any replies about Al Reids...this is the white bldg across the street from the Bank?

              Have passed it for years...about a year ago it was repainted. Anyone try it?