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Mar 1, 2007 11:29 AM

Bangkok Garden review

Tried out Bangkok Garden last night as I was curious to see what it was like since they re-opened late 2006. The interior is basically the same - the only changes I noted were a refinished wood floor and ,I think, new paint. It was reasonably busy for a Wed night. The manager came over to our table a couple of times and was very friendly- trying a bit too hard maybe, but they clearly want to get back on the map after their long closure. He told us that the menu has gone back to their more traditional menu of the 80s. There was lots of variety. We had:
Apps: tiger shrimp rolls - yummy flavourful shrimp each wrapped in a spring roll wrapper and fried. Very tasty.
Green mango salad - mango a little too yellow and the salad was a bit too sweet for me, but it was fresh

Grilled sea bass - served deboned in a banana leaf with a yummy sauce on the side. It was excellent - very flavourful and spicy without being too hot

Pad Thai - very good - nice balance, big shrimp, fresh veggies

A mixed veggie dish - very fresh and nice, light sauce

Emerald Chicken Curry - basically pieces of chicken in a coconut curry flavoured with lime, basil and chilis. There were also pieces of eggplant and another squash. The flavours were really well balanced and delicate. Really, really good.

Warrior's beef - A spicy red curry dish of beef and green beans . Again, excellent.

Rice was extremely fluffy and fresh. The servers brought a large bowl to the table on a regular basis and served everyone - a nice touch.

Service was attentive and helpful. It's not cheap (~$180 for 4 with 6 drinks total - 3 martini
's, 3 beer), but the atmosphere is nicer than 99% of Thai restos, the service was really good (if not a bit too eager, but I think they are really trying hard and they are doing a good job), and the food was fresh and the sauces varied and well-balanced.

So, I'd definitely go back when I want a nice Thai dinner. They are doing a good job turning out nice dishes with fresh ingredients. The portions are not huge, but I prefer well-prepared fresh food over huge platefuls.

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  1. Thanks for the review. I enjoyed reading it. I'm adding this to my list of places to try.

    1. Agreed. Thanks for the review; given their prices, I was wondering if they were worth the cost. I'm not sure I can justify spending $30+ per person on Thai food, but perhaps one day I'll cave and try it.

      1. Thanks for the review. I've been meaning to go back and try their dinner menu. I was there over Christmas for their lunch buffet and absolutely love their noodle soup bar. I'm not a fan of buffets but the quality of their spread was very good. Freshly made with a good variety. A bit pricey ($15.99 a person I think) but fair for the quality. I loved the fresh lichees for dessert. I agree with jcanncuk about the service, very attentive but borderline too eager. It's a beautiful space for a meal.

        1. I have never been but was thinking about recommending it to a friend who needs to take some visiting work colleagues out for dinner. You mentioned that the atmosphere was nice, would you say it is "cozy", i.e. not cafeteria looking?

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            It's absolutely NOT cafeteria like. There is a lot of wood (floors, walls, beams), a little pond/stream near the entrance with a bronze serpent statue, a few other Thai art pieces here and there. Mostly, it's a pretty calm and relaxed space that is tastefully decorated. Not funky nor old school. It's totally appropriate for a work dinner and if they ask for a quiet table, they will be able to put them into one fo the spaces just off the main dining area which adds some privacy and quiet.