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Best Pool & Pub in Durham

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I'm trying to organize a monthly Alumni event. Good brew & pool tables, in Durham or maybe Chapel Hill. Someplace relaxed & fun.
I'd appreciate all your specialized chowhound help! Rory

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  1. Green Room on Broad St. It's dive-y, but a lot of fun. No food.

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    1. re: termite

      Second that--good brew, lots of pool tables, and that awesome shuffleboard. A little cramped, maybe (I once got an accidental pool stick to the back while playing shuffleboard), but always fun. Broad St. Cafe is next door if you get hungry.

    2. The Speakeasy and Tyler's is a second option -- American Tobacco complex near the Durham ballpark. Food, yes, though it is TAPF (Typical American Pub Food...I just made that up).

      As for atmosphere, I second the Green Room.

      Both are smoky.

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      1. re: peetoteeto

        Tyler's has a really corporate feel about it. The food isn't bad (though overpriced) and the beer selection is great.

      2. There's also Bailey's in Chapel Hill (in Ram's Plaza shopping center, across 15-501 from Eastgate). The food is no great shakes, though if you're going for fries and nachos it's probably as good as Tyler's. Good pool and big screens, likely less smoky than Speakeasy or Green Room. Beer selection is not as good as Speakeasy.

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          I would have to recommend anyone stay away form baileys. their food is bad even for cheap pub fare and the whole place has this gross, low-class feeling to it. when i was a high school sophomore, a classmate with a fake id was a respected regular there. nuff said.

        2. The Green Room is definitely great. It has the character and patina that comes with age.

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          1. re: tablewines

            But that age is only about 14 years at this point. You have to watch Bull Durham to catch a quick glimpse of where it was originally (across the street).

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              The pool tables and fixtures are much older than 14 years! I would guess that they are from the 50's and 60's, at least. They are imperfect and worn, and that makes them all the more enjoyable IMO regardless of the location's age.

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                Probably because they picked the pool tables up and moved them across the street. The room really did look new when it opened.

          2. Even though the OP asked for CH/Durham, he is asking about sites for a group to meet and most groups have members across the Triangle. I'll recommend a spot in Raleigh: Horniblows Tavern. They have great beer as they are the pub of Big Boss Brewing, formerly Edenton Brewing. They have ping pong, pool, and darts. It's a friendly atmosphere with multiple rooms for socializing. No food, tho you can order food for delivery.

            1. ^No offense, but why do people ignore the question and insert other locations? If he wants to know of places in Durham or Chapel Hill, then suggest spots there?

              As to the question, I think Tyler's in Durham might be your best choice.

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                Haiku time!

                Some NC Chowhounds
                interested in the topic
                reside in Raleigh

              2. If you're looking for laid back, less smokey, and prefer Chapel Hill, there's a pub and pool place in Timberlyne Square next to the Chelsea theater. Don't think they serve food but there is a good coffee place next door and several restos in the strip mall.

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                1. re: bbqme

                  dont go to oscars unless you want to get knifed

                2. Well I've no car, so getting to Raleigh is pretty impossible for me. Nothing against Raleigh.
                  My group would like a less smoky, fun place. So is the Green Room that bad? It sounds pretty central. I'll have to go to Bailey's with someone & check it out, like the big screens, it means some can watch, some shoot pool & etc

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                  1. re: Rory

                    the Green Room isn't that bad smoke-wise, mostly because it's pretty big. I've been in much worse.