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Skyr (Icelandic) anywhere in NYC?

Since going to Iceland, I've been in love with skyr, the traditional Icelandic cheese that's similar to a thick yogurt. In late 2005, news broke that Whole Foods would begin to carry it, but I've yet to find it anywhere in the city. Has anyone seen it for sale anywhere? I'm looking for the Icelandic version (skyr.is), not a locally made version.

Thank you for your help.

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  1. One of the Whole Foods' just outside of DC in Virginia carries Skyr. I saw it there last summer, but not sure if they still carry it.

    1. You can do a pretty authentic skyr imitation by taking quark and whipping it. It's really wonderful with a drizzle of honey. I've never seen it in New York though.


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      1. I spotted some skyr at Murray's Cheese on Bleecker last weekend. They are stocked in the refrigerated wall display with the yogurts, and were in small 8-oz size containers. I remember seeing both a plain version as well as blueberry flavored.

        1. I had also seen it at Murray's. One of my workmates raves about Skyr!

          1. If you are in Brooklyn, Stinky carries a brand called Siggi's Skyr. In fact, I'm eating it right now!

            1. Siggi's is the brand sold at Murray's. I believe it's made here in NYC.

              1. Skyr.is is now available in NYC at Whole Foods stores (Chelsea & Columbus Circle, for sure), and on sale for $2.50.

                Siggi's delicious Skyr is made with milk from Evans Farmhouse Creamery in upstate NY. And as the others have said, it's available at both Murray's and Stinky Cheese.


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                  I just got some at the Chelsea branch yesterday at $2 each. Thick and creamy.

                2. Got some last week at the Whole Foods in Union Square - 2 for $5

                  1. Great stuff, thanks 'hounds! Can't wait to grab some.


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                    1. As long as we are talking about Iceland -- so few people do -- I read years ago in the NY Times that about 40 thousand immigrants from Iceland (many of them young, trendy artists a la Williamsburg) live in NYC. So you'd think there would be at least one restaurant or store offering them tastes of home. Anyone know of one?

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                        Iceland is often lumped in with Scandinavia, culturally. While I have no doubt that there are regional icelandic dishes, at this point the best bets seem to be going for Scandinavian restuarants like Good World.

                      2. This is such great news. I will check Whole Foods today!

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                          They started featuring Icelandic products several years ago under the name "Sustainable Iceland" http://www.iceland.org/us/nyc/consula... There is also skyr made right in New York City by a homesick Icelander! http://kitchen.apartmenttherapy.com/f... (oops, other people have already mentioned the local skyr...)

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                            Found it last night at Columbus Circle Whole Foods and enjoying it as I type this! Just as delicious as I remember it and I can't wait to get more. YUM!

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                              Lassen & Hennig (in Brooklyn Heights) also carries Siggi's Skyr. I've tried the pear/ginger and blueberry. delicious stuff! Does anyone know if Fairway has it?

                        2. Whole foods that recently opened on Houston has it too

                          1. I regularly dig through the yogurt selection at Westerly Natural, on 54th St and 8th Ave, and they recently started carrying Siggi's Skyr. I am currently eating the pear & mint flavor, which is fascinating, though the thickness of the stuff surprised me for a lowfat yogurt-like food as I've never had skyr before.

                            1. The problem with the availability in Murray's (as a past employee, believe me), is that everyone there knows Siggi, sees him carrying the stuff in and, quite litereally, follows him to the walk-in, then buys as much as they can afford/carry. So, availability there is sometimes spotty but everyone there will talk to you about it and some might even know when the next shipment is. His stuff is at Saxelby's and another two places, too, I think.

                              1. you can find sigg'sskyr at integral yoga foods on 13th street between 7th ave and greenwich ave.