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Mar 1, 2007 11:12 AM

Inexpensive good food

Suggestions for great 'bang for the buck' places. The closer to my neighborhood the better - La Cienega and Jefferson area.

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  1. Where have you been so far that suits you? That way hounds won't be duplicating those places you are currently familiar with.

    1. You might start with the "Mere Mortals Best of Los Angeles" thread for 2006, from December. It's a compilation of chowhound's favorite places, for $30 or less.

      1. Hi.. How 'bout Pann's, at La Cienega and La Tierja? Stick to yer ribs-type grub. If you go for breakfast, try late afternoons to minimize the wait...

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          Or sit at the counter, where there's always room and no wait at all. If you sit at the second section away from the door and you're REAL lucky, you'll get waited on by Brenda, who is a hoot. They're all nice and very competent, though. If you get a full meal, try the pea soup, which they always have. Biscuits are great, rolls very good, cornbread...well, this IS Los Angeles...

        2. go north to fairfax between olympic and pico to little ethiopia.
          i love rahel, which is vegan ethiopian, delicious, and very reasonably priced.
          the only somewhat expensive restaurant on the block is meals by genet.
          if you go during the week at lunchtime, there are a couple of all-you-can-eat deals that can't be beat--rahel and nyala.

          if you want to go south to slauson, there is SIMPLY WHOLESOME which serves a lot of reasonably priced healthy food.
          Simply Wholesome. 4508 W Slauson Ave (Cross Street: Overhill Drive) Los Angeles, CA 90043-2720

          1. Not too far from you near Fairfax and Pico there's Bloom Cafe.