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Mar 1, 2007 10:49 AM

Brew Pubs and cool shows in Seattle?

I will be in Seattle for a week towards the end of the month. Are there any brew pubs that should not be missed? We like good strong beer and high end pub grub or better. Also are there any great places to see a concert, big or small, or bands we check out while in town?

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  1. Maritime Pacific in Ballard on Leary Way should not be missed as it fit's your requirements to a T.



    1. I second Maritime, excellent brews. Elysian Brewpub on capital hill is also a good one. For good pub grub/bistro food, check out the 74th Street Alehouse (on Phinney Ridge) or the Hilltop Alehouse (in Queen Anne)...same owners, great beers/wines/food.

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        I second the Elysian Tangletown location and the Hilltop Alehouse. Also, another good recommendation is the Old Town Alehouse (in Ballard).

      2. Beveridge Place Pub in W Seattle for an extensive selection of strong ales and barleywines (their week-long barleywine fest starts tomorrow). No food though except for chips, but they have menus for delivery from surrounding places.

        1. Maritime Pacific is great. Also, not sure if this qualifies as a brew pub, but you should check out Brouer's Cafe in Fremont. It's Belgian beer focused and they have something like 50 taps and 200 bottled beers, plus great food.

          As far as music venues...The Crocodile Cafe in Belltown; Nectar and the High Dive in Fremont; Neumo's, Chop Suey and the Comet Tavern in Capitol Hill. Downtow's Showbox is bigger, thus bigger named acts. Check out The Stranger (free weekly paper, for music listings.

          Have fun!

          1. I strongly recommend the Elysian Fields brewpub on Occidental Ave S over Elysian's Capital Hill or Tangletown locations - the food is much, much better at the sodo spot for some reason. Try whatever's on cask.

            Second the recommendation for the Jolly Roger Taproom (Maritime Pacific's tiny brewpub operation) - but it does fill up.

            Brouwer's Cafe has a decent Belgian selection, but really weak food - they should be ashamed of their so-called frites. Much better to grab take-out from Frites on capital hill and wander over to the Stumbling Monk, which IMO is not to be missed for serious Belgian (and Belgian-style) beer lovers.

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              The last time I was at Brouwer's, they've really shaped up their food act. The frites were really quite nice. crispy, not mushy, perfectly browned. All they need now is a kick-ass garlicky aioli. Really, try the food again, they've heard the call. ;-)