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Brew Pubs and cool shows in Seattle?

I will be in Seattle for a week towards the end of the month. Are there any brew pubs that should not be missed? We like good strong beer and high end pub grub or better. Also are there any great places to see a concert, big or small, or bands we check out while in town?

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  1. Maritime Pacific in Ballard on Leary Way should not be missed as it fit's your requirements to a T.



    1. I second Maritime, excellent brews. Elysian Brewpub on capital hill is also a good one. For good pub grub/bistro food, check out the 74th Street Alehouse (on Phinney Ridge) or the Hilltop Alehouse (in Queen Anne)...same owners, great beers/wines/food.

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        I second the Elysian Tangletown location and the Hilltop Alehouse. Also, another good recommendation is the Old Town Alehouse (in Ballard).

      2. Beveridge Place Pub in W Seattle for an extensive selection of strong ales and barleywines (their week-long barleywine fest starts tomorrow). No food though except for chips, but they have menus for delivery from surrounding places.

        1. Maritime Pacific is great. Also, not sure if this qualifies as a brew pub, but you should check out Brouer's Cafe in Fremont. It's Belgian beer focused and they have something like 50 taps and 200 bottled beers, plus great food.

          As far as music venues...The Crocodile Cafe in Belltown; Nectar and the High Dive in Fremont; Neumo's, Chop Suey and the Comet Tavern in Capitol Hill. Downtow's Showbox is bigger, thus bigger named acts. Check out The Stranger (free weekly paper, http://www.thestranger.com) for music listings.

          Have fun!

          1. I strongly recommend the Elysian Fields brewpub on Occidental Ave S over Elysian's Capital Hill or Tangletown locations - the food is much, much better at the sodo spot for some reason. Try whatever's on cask.

            Second the recommendation for the Jolly Roger Taproom (Maritime Pacific's tiny brewpub operation) - but it does fill up.

            Brouwer's Cafe has a decent Belgian selection, but really weak food - they should be ashamed of their so-called frites. Much better to grab take-out from Frites on capital hill and wander over to the Stumbling Monk, which IMO is not to be missed for serious Belgian (and Belgian-style) beer lovers.

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              The last time I was at Brouwer's, they've really shaped up their food act. The frites were really quite nice. crispy, not mushy, perfectly browned. All they need now is a kick-ass garlicky aioli. Really, try the food again, they've heard the call. ;-)

            2. Here's a good list of shows and venues during your visit: http://www.jambase.com/search.asp?ban...

              Also, Elliot Bay Brewpub in West Seattle (http://www.elliottbaybrewing.com/), Big Time Brewery (http://www.bigtimebrewery.com/) and Hales Ales (http://www.halesales.com/) are institutions. I definitely wouldn't say Big Time has high-end food, but it's a great find in a fun area.

              A bit further out of Seattle is the Fiddlers Inn (http://www.nwbrewpage.com/wapubs/Fidd...), which has a nice selection of local beers and pizza and nacho selections on their menu. These owners also own Latona Ale House, which is closer to downtown. Like FI, they only serve NW beers. Coupled with the Tangletown Bar (http://www.elysianbrewing.com/Tanglet...), it's a great one-two punch--Leny's Place is across the street from the Tangletown bar, which is a great neighborhood bar, too, and has one of the best burgers in town.

              If you feel like getting out of Seattle, I'd recommend a trip to the Issaquah Brew House (http://www.rogue.com/locations-issaqu...) for some Rogue Beer and a Kobe-style burger.

              1. For Jazz, the Jazz Alley is the best north of SF. For rock, check out the Crocodile, the legendary rock club in Seattle. Also, listen to the person above who said to get a copy of the Stranger. The Blue Moon tavern is very lowbrow, not even a brewpub, but a Seattle classic with good brews on tap.

                1. Your timing is good.
                  The Hale's Ales Moisture Festival
                  is a hoot and a half. It's the biggest backyard carnival ever. Lots of local talent (some of it even talented) and an infectiously great time is had by all. Hale's has a full offering of good ales. They do some good stouts and barleywine style ales, too.

                  1. I always have the same agenda laid out for the beer lovers in my life when they visit me in Seattle. I'll take them down to the Pike Place Market to sample the beer at Pike Place Brewery and bum around the market for awhile. Then, we'll walk up Pike Street (at Melrose Ave.) to Six Arms, part of the local McMenamins franchise. They always have all the house made brew on tap and a great selection other locally made beer as well. Next, well hike it over to Olive Way (at Belmont Ave.) to The Stumbling Monk, they don't brew there but they often have cask ale on tap and one of the best bottle selections in the city. Next, I'll zig-zag them over the hill by way of the new Cal Anderson park to The Elysian Brewery on Pike Street (at 13th). From there, the music scene is all walkable and varied. Decending the Hill: Chop Suey, near the Elysian at 14th and Madison hosts some great talent, both national and international, and also throws some of the best parties on any given night. On Fridays, there are often good music events at CHAC (Capital Hill Arts Center, 12th Ave), especially if your into electro/beats. Barca, on 11th between Pike and Pine is a sexy hangout with an upstairs vodka bar and some great DJ's. Back to Pike Street, just down the hill, you find Neumo's and The Comet, both hosting live acts regularly. Continue down, cross Broadway to Harvard Street to find The War Room, everything is possible here and they've been hosting great D&B nights regularly. By this time, you'll probably need a cab :)
                    Have a great week!