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Mar 1, 2007 10:29 AM

MSP Catering Recommendations?

Sorry if this is a little off-topic. Looking for recommendations for catering a rather informal open house/wedding reception in the summer for approximately 100 people on a restricted budget.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. It might not seem that chowish, and it definitely depends on how "informal" you mean, but Famous Dave's does a terrific catering job if you're on a budget. The "catering" fee (really, just their fee for delivering the food and setting everything up for you) is $25.00 and they will do all the set-up for you and provide paper plates, napkins, etc. They only ask that you bring back their serving trays, washed, a day or two after the event. You have to do your own clean-up, though.

      EDIT: I have a catering menu, about a year or two old now, but they have something called the BBQ blowout that feeds 24 people for $165. You can just multiply that by the number of people and/or supplement it with some of their other combos and a la carte items.

      The BBQ blowout is: 60 chicken wings, 4 slabs St. Louis spareribs, 5 pounds of Georgia chopped pork, two dozen buns. Choice of 4 quarts: Wilbur beans, creamy coleslaw, potato salad, or drunkin' apples.


      1. I went to a wedding that had food from Broders and it was wonderful. I recently picked up some stuff from there for work and it was delicious, although on the expensive side for a business meeting lunch.

        D'Amico's also does catering, although it might be on the expensive end of things also.

        1. How about Abundant Catering? I haven't tried their catered food, but I loved the food at their short-lived restaurant, the Abundant Bistro. The restaurant served soul food, but I think the caterer(s) will make just about anything.


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            Great suggestion! I would love to hear from anyone who has specific experience with their catering operation.


          2. never enough thyme on 42nd and Nicollet they do a great job.I'vebeen to a couple parties they did
            and it was really good both times.