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Mar 1, 2007 10:15 AM

Best Scones: Two Little Red Hens

Sometimes I get on these crazy scone benders and I just HAVE TO HAVE ONE.

Two Little Red Hens in the UES has delicious scones in a variety of flavors for the reasonable price of $2.25.

If you become obsessed like me, check them out.

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  1. po'dunk has the best scones ever.

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    1. re: jno

      i haven't been in ages, but i liked all of the tea sweets and savories that i tried at podunk!

    2. Love Little Red Hens..delicious cookies and great coffee.

      1. On the subject of great scones, Alice's Tea Cup has an amazing pumpkin scone - super buttery, but that's what provides that wonderful moistness, with a tasty glazed topping. Their plain scones are kind of dry though. Does anyone know where I can find really great savory scones?