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Mar 1, 2007 10:03 AM

26th & 8th....Unique Dining Ideas?

Four of us will be in the area this sunday for dinner. Looking for a moderately priced, off the beaten path restaurant. There's no limitation to the type of food, so suggest away.


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  1. I'd suggest Home on 8th if you like Chinese. It's not really all that authentic but their vegetarian menu is great and, if you are there for dinner, they have a pretty good selection of Rice Dishes. They also have a great collection of Bruce Lee dolls at the front. Here's the address:

    391 8th Avenue
    New York NY 10001
    (212) 947-1420

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    1. re: danaherd3

      If you're keen on Chinese, I would suggest rather go to Grand Sichuan 229 9th Avenue at 24th.

    2. Two possibilities though the food would not be classified as "unique":

      Seven is on 7th, b/t 29th & 30th. -

      Le Zie, on 7th, b/t 20th & 21st. -

      1. Le Zie is great. Definitely unique.

        1. Ditto Grand Sichuan. We love the braised whole fish with scallions and the sauteed string bean with pork. Also great dumplings and soups -love their hot and sour.

          1. Pars. Persian food. Moderately priced. 26th between 7th & 8th.