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What happened to Whatsa Bagel?

What happened to Whatsa Bagel in Cleveland Park? One minute it's there, now it's not. Does anyone know what is going on? I love their bagels (though I know some are not fans) and the location was so convenient.

Anyone know what is up?

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  1. I just called them ... they said they're closed as of last Sunday, and they're wholesale-only out of Gaithersburg now. Bethesda Bagels is still open, though.

    1. Oh that's a bummer. They had good pizza bagels...although I haven't been in awhile. Any hints on what will be opening up there?

      1. Isn't there one in Bethesda?

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        1. I read on the washington post going out gurus chat that it's going to be a Cosi

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            There is a Cosi's right around the corner from Bethesda Bagel. I doubt they are moving to a smaller space or opening a second space. I agree with Elyssa - we don't need it.

          2. Just what this city needs...another freakin' Cosi! Uh!

            1. Oh no! They closed? That's terrible news. They made a really nice bagel... What's going on with that stretch of Cleveland Park? First the blockbuster closes (which is only a travesty because the Potomac Video closed a few years back) and now we lose our bagel place.

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                I know, what's going on in Cleveland Park? So many empty storefronts. The old McDonald's is still empty after YEARS, old Park Bench is at least undergoing construction. Now no more Blockbusters & Whatsa Bagel? So sad!

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                  Jesus. That leaves, by my count, 3 decent bagels in the city.

                  So's Your Mom
                  The korean shop on 22nd and P
                  Ebbitt Express..

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                    And just outside of the city in Courthouse is Brooklyn Bagel which is better than all of these.