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Mar 1, 2007 10:02 AM

Looking for Mexican supermarket instead of DELRAY

Since my favorite Mexican (and international) supermarket Delray on Foster and Belmont has gone out of buisiness can anyone recommend a replacement for me? (Northside or not too far West)
Liked their Mexican cuts of meat and Mexcian groceries and general produce

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  1. edgewater produce on clark

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      I noticed that a lot of Del Ray signs are on the window of the African Marketplace on Broadway (across the street from the now defunct Browns Chicken). I walked in it about a week ago and it appears that they have inheritated much of their produce, etc. It was a cool mix of ethnicies that made me proud to be a Chicagoan. I ended up some ginger type drinkand mole sauce

    2. we sometimes go to Cermak groceries. They have several locations.

      1. Since Foster and Belmont run parallel 2.5 miles apart, I suspect that the closed Delray Farms was near Foster and Broadway.

        Edgewater Produce may be the closest good bet. However, HarvesTime (2632 West Lawrence) is owned by the same people and is very much larger and carries many more items. HarvesTime also has a parking lot.

        The Cermak Produce filling most of the 4200 block of North Kedzie dwarfs anything else on the North Side east of Central for Mexican produce and meats.

        1. Ye gods, yes. Go to Tony's Finer Foods. See phone book for addresses as there are several. Today I was at the one at Fullerton & Central Park. It is huge-huge (about six times the size of any DelRay) and has an extremely full line of everything possible. Great prices, too. BTW, possibly of interest to someone, the reason I made a trek there is that we find the Spanish brands of decaf coffee are more full-bodied and flavorful than American decaf, we think even moreso than Melitta. And yes, I know that Treasure Island carries a decaffeinated Spanish coffee, but they charge around $5.50 for it and at Tony's today I stocked up on Goya decaf at $2.99. I have to say that I prefer the produce at Edgewater Produce but for Hispanic staples of all kinds (dry, frozen, refrigerated) nobody in town can touch Tony's for vast selection.

          1. I'm not sure about the name but there is one at belmont and california that is great Best ox tails in town and they sell amazing taco's.