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Where can I buy langoustines in NYC?

Looking for fresh langoustines. Anyone know of any special markets that sell them?

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  1. I must say I have never seen a langoustine in NYC. Although, if you do find them somewhere, I can almost guarantee that, like most seafood here, it will not even be close to fresh.

    1. I just noticed yesterday that FreshDirect has 'em. Kind of surprising.

      1. I don't see any reason to assume that the Fresh Direct langoustines will be unfrozen, if that's what "fresh" means to the OP. They are sourced from Scandinavia and Europe. By the way, to search the Fresh Direct site, spell it "langostines".

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          Sorry. I overlooked the "fresh" in the original post. I guess I was overcome by the coincidence of seeing the little critters on FD one day and on CH the next.

        2. I have seen fresh (meaning on ice) langoustines at Citarella and Wild Edibles (at Grand Central) in the past. But they appear very sporadically, so there is no guarantee that you will find them at anytime. Do give them a call and see if they will have it anytime. I suspect that most langoustines are already bought by restaurants and the supply to public is very limited

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            I have also seen them on ice at Fairway (74th Street), but tend to think they've been thawed.

          2. Saw some in Chinatown yesterday, Mott near Hester..... DK if they were previously frozen.

            1. Any more leads on where to find some around the city?

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                Just to update my own question

                Checked Wild Edibles @ GC - Nothing
                Checked Lobster Place @ Chelsea Market - Quizical look and a no :(


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                  I bought them last year at Randazzo's (sp?) in the Bronx - I think they have a store in Manhattan as well.

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                    That's funny-I was on Arthur Avenue on Monday-had a hero at Mike's and then went across the street to look at Randazzo's-beautiful fish market with great selection including seppia. They set up a table outside and shucked me bluepoints, littlenecks and cherrystones to eat on the spot.

                2. A somewhat related question: Where can I buy head-on shrimp in Manhattan (preferably) or Queens or Bronx?

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                    Chinatown - They are everywhere in the fishmarkets - and as discussed before - I think there is such a demand for fresh seafood there - that you usually always get a good product!

                    Check with your nose - but you'll find they are usually very fresh

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                      So are you think;ing that the heads-on shrimp in Chinatown would be fresh, not previously frozen? When I've had these in restaurants, I am always so impressed with their superiority over the usual headless shrimp for sale in my local fish market...

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                        I'm not sure - But they always look pretty tasty

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                          I'm pretty sure those head-on shrimps you see in C-town are thawed from those frozen blocks. If you want fresh, some places may sell the shrimp live. I saw it in Flushing for about $12/lb last weekend, and they were HUGE!

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                            Thanks! But I am not sure what to do with them, ie how to kill them?!
                            Where was this, in the supermarket off Main St?

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                              I know that Chinese usually serve these fresh live shrimp lightly boiled. So I assume that they just throw it into a pot of boiling water, like what you would do with a lobster. If you want to prepare it another way -- well, I don't know. If you need to remove the shells, I'm thinking they'd squirm away from you unless you froze them slightly or something.

                              I got it at a large market on Main Street around Sanford (I think). It's a relatively new market. I think it's been open for about a couple of months now. It's not Hong Kong Market but on the same side of the street as Hong Kong Market. They've got a great selection of Chinese greens with the English word written out. There are about two large sections to the store. The first section has vegetables, fruits, fish and meat. Then you have to go down a couple of steps to the second section where they sell so many varieties of tofu (smoked, pressed, fresh, etc.), canned goods and household products.

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                                  If you get fresh ones its best to just throw them in a pot of water with ginger and scallions. You will taste the sweet taste of shrimp. It won't be the same for frozen shrimp both taste and texture. If they are dead you will notice the meat is mushy, which you will typically find this at cheap buffet. I find the bigger ones sweeter. The heads are really sweet and Chinese people like to chew on these for the shrimpy flavor. Serve with a light soy.

                                  If I had frozen I would cook it with something else or make a suace over it.
                                  Ketchup Shrimp
                                  Shrimp with Stir Fry Veggies
                                  Causeway Bay Style Shrimp if you like Spicy

                                  You can also do a Sambal Shrimp.

                                  Most of what you eat here in NY is frozen unless they state otherwise.

                      2. I've defintitely seen them in chinatown at some of those fresh seafood stores - can't tell you where exactly...

                        1. Also looking for langoustines ... Fresh Direct doesn't have them now and Citarella requires a min 5 lb order @ $24.99 a lb. A bit much ... any other ideas?

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                            While at EATALY last Friday night, we saw fresh Langoustines available