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Mar 1, 2007 09:35 AM

Found a Great Place in Largo!!!

Wanted to share with you guys about a restaurant I just tried two nights ago in Largo/Bellai\r Bluffs called E & E Steak Out Gril--100 Indian Rocks Rd N, Belleair Bluffs, FL
Tel: (727) 585-6399.

My brother came into town with a colleague for some police training. They were staying off of East Bay, which is pretty far north of us since we are in S. St. Pete. Anyway, I really was not familar with the area so I hopped on the Internet and did some research. E & E Steak Out Gril kept popping up while I was doing my searches. It was only about 5 minutes from their hotel, so I decided to try it.

What an amazing place! We started off with the crab quesadillas (served with a berry reduction glaze and orange-pineapple salsa) and the ahi tuna. Delicious! I had one of their two signature margaritas which had a palate-pleasing splash of pear juice added to it (and at only $4.50, it was a great bargain!). My husband and brother both ordered steaks which were cooked to perfection and melted in their mouths. My brother's colleague ordered the prime rib and lobster tail with the homemade garlic butter and couldn't stop talking about how good it was. I had the red mesa burger--spicy and juicy served atop a warm, soft kaiser roll with chipotle mayo.

The decor was upscale/elegant southwestern and our server was friendly and professional. Everything about that place was amazing.

The prices range from $7.00 for some of the appetizers to $35.00 for the rack of lamb and market price for the surf and turf. You can get a great big steak there though for about $17.00. I honestly would have paid almost twice that for the whole experience, but was glad I didn't have to.

Just thought I would share this little gem of a place with you guys! We plan on going back very soon!

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  1. I think the same people that own Mystic Fish own it

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    1. re: rhnault

      They do. They also own Guppy's. I haven't been to either one of those places either. Again, just too far north of us. Are they any good?

      1. re: stetlaw77

        Guppy's is not further north than E&E is. Guppy's is on Indian Rocks Beach.

        BTW, at E&E, their seafood is excellent also. Anytime I go there and they have hog snapper on the board, I always get it. Excellent!


        1. re: RibDog

          Wasn't implying that Guppy's was further north than E & E--it's just that I live in S. St. Pete (see original post) so it's way north of me. :)

      2. re: rhnault

        If you haven't driven all the way up to Tampa Rd to Mystic Fish then you are in for a treat. Here is the tip of the day. Check the daily specials menu online. I think they have Sea Bass on Sunday night. Order that the first time you go because it melts in your mouth and makes you forget little things like recessions. They have early dinner specials too but they end really really early something like 5:14 I said check their website. Try and save room for the creme brulee for dessert. It's basically divine. My nine year old still talks about it and we went last time in January for my Mom's birthday dinner.

        Guppys isn't the if you go there first don't compare from that.

        1. re: DesignPro

          I actually much prefer Guppy's to Mystic Fish. I typically stick to one of the daily fish specials--the Sunset Trio (tastings of the three fish specials of the day) is usually wonderful. I haven't enjoyed Mystic Fish nearly as much, and was really diappointed in E&E the one time I was there (they served PACKAGED guacamole with the fajitas! Sacriledge!)

          Guppy's is my favorite seafood spot in the area--highly recommended.

      3. I love Mystic Fish. I live in Tampa but it's on Tampa Rd and only about 15 mins from my house.
        The margarita w/ the splash of pear sounds sublime!

        1. E&E Steak Out is a great place but it lacks consistancy, I would say that 2/3rds of the times I have eaten there it was amazing, knock your socks off, but on occasions their food is lackluster, not bad but not inspiring.