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Mar 1, 2007 09:34 AM

Best Egg and Cheese in Town

By far, the best egg and cheese sandwich in town is at the South End Buttery. They serve it on a homemade buttermilk biscuit (the best part) with crisp bacon. I look forward to it every weekend! Plus the cafe is really cozy and cheerful.

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  1. South End Buttery definitely cooks a mean egg 'n' cheese, although I must say I'm partial to getting mine on their cracked pepper brioche.

    1. Good to know. The few times I've been there the line seemed to move so sloooooowwwwly....
      and most items were waaay overpriced...
      but if it's a good bacon egg and cheese sandwich i'm willing to pay for it...

      I haven't had it in a while, but always enjoyed an egg and cheese sandwich at charlie's sandwich shoppe...they'd put it on an english muffin and then put it under the broiler so the sandwich would come out all melty and crispy and really just delicious....mmm.

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      1. re: twentyoystahs

        The bacon, egg and cheese on brioche at Rachel's Kitchen is delicious as well. I've never been to the South End Buttery so I don't know how the one at RK compares.

      2. I can't refute your statement, having never been to the South End Buttery, but the best bacon/egg/cheese sandwich I've ever had is from Rachel's Kitchen in Bay Village. Order it on their brioche.

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        1. re: Blumie

          Hi, I've been meaning to try that sandwich, I'm pretty sure I've read rave reviews before here on chowhound...
          I just wish I was near that area around b'fast time. May have to make a field trip one of these days before work :)

          1. re: twentyoystahs

            Their breakfast menu online reads that breakfast is served all day. Also open on Saturdays until 2 PM I think.


        2. I am a lifelong a lover of the breakfast sandwhich. By far the best I've had is from high rise bread company, described as 'brown egg on brioche, which canadian chedder and black forest ham.' I dream of this sandwhich. It's pretty steep for breakfast, but a really wonderful treat. I'll have to check out south end buttery.

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          1. re: dinnerbell

            My wife always gets that one on Hi Rise, while I get the onion & pepper omelette with sliced chorizo on sourdough. Yum.


          2. because i'm a glutton, i tried the bacon egg and cheese on brioche from south end buttery on saturday morning AND then proceeded to have a bacon egg and cheese on english muffin from rachel's kitchen four hours later.

            some comments:
            1. i arrived at south end buttery around 7:30 am and when i ordered my sandwich, they had to double check to make sure they were ready to make the egg dishes. i guess no one around there orders sandwiches that early in the morning. :) (the reason i chose not to have the biscuit is because i am VERY partial to southern biscuits.) the brioche was surprisingly cold and dense, with a very bumpy crust, so it surprised me when i bit into the sandwich. the temperature of the bread cooled down the sandwich too quickly, and because the brioche was dense, it was difficult to get a full "bite" of the sandwich without pushing the contents around.

            2. a few hours later, i ordered a takeout bacon egg and cheddar on english muffin from rachel's kitchen. when i opened the sandwich, the bacon looked VERY much like precooked bacon, except that the width of the slices was much wider than precooked bacon i've had before. the egg portion was a little fluffier, maybe they had been scrambled with a little milk or cream. overall, with the exception of the thinness of the bacon, a much more satisfying sandwich.

            3. south end's sandwich was 6.25 (5.25 + 1.00 brioche substitution) and rachel's kitchen's sandwich was 4.75 (3.65+1.10 meat addition). both a little pricey for me. since i'm used to <3.00 bacon double egg and cheese sandwiches :)

            4.i would like to try the south end buttery version again, but maybe takeout, i.e. letting the brioche steam and soften a bit in a wrapper. i do like having a little texture/crispiness to the bread, but the brioche that i had on saturday detracted from the overall quality of the sandwich.

            5. can anyone verify that my observation about rachel's kitchen is wrong, i.e. they use REAL, not precooked bacon? (i was also driving while eating, so i wasn't able to get a good closeup on this bacon!)

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            1. re: cervisiam

              I can't answer your question about the bacon at Rachel's Kitchen. I would, however, recommend having their egg sandwich on their brioche.

              1. re: cervisiam

                You get an A+ for methodolgy..:)

                I had a very tasty bagel, bacon and cheese from the bagel place near Tremont/Winter..on Tremont and not the Finagle a Bagel.

                I won't compare it to others but it was very good.