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Five Points or Red Cat?

My SO and I are on a tight budget these days and set aside $400 a month for eating out. We usually divide up the $ by having one more expensive night out - by definition of our budget, that's about $150-175 or so incl everything - and the rest is for a few moderate meals. Of course we can blow the whole $400 on one meal but for this month we want to go out more than just once.

We've poured through the threads and we've come down to Five Points or Red Cat (we were looking for modern American in our budget) for this month's pricier meal. Both come highly recommended on the board and seem quite similar in terms of food, prices and atmosphere (though Red Cat sounds like it will be a little louder which is totally fine).

So the question is should we just flip a coin and either way we win?

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  1. Red Cat is better. I just went to Five Points last weekend. While it was better than expected, it wasn't great and the service was really slow. I think Five Points is louder than Red Cat.

    1. On a visit to Manhattan a few years ago, my wife and I decided on dining at Five Points because of its proximity to the Blue Man Group theatre and favorable reports here. We were not disappointed! While it is hard to recall the exact dishes we ate (although I willing to bet my wife had a rather safe steak -- she is not gastronomically adventurous), I do recall that the service was wonderful, the atmosphere interesting, and the food was excellent.

      Be sure to tell us about your visit if you decide to go!

      1. My vote is for Red Cat.

        1. If you wanted to do brunch, I would select Five Points. I prefer their brunch to their dinner. If it was for dinner, than do Red Cat.

          1. Red Cat is really fun. Go there.

            1. Five Points I've found to be decidedly below average given the types of dishes they're serving. They just don't taste very good. Red Cat is better, but I'd prefer The Harrison or Mermain Inn over both of them.

              1. Thanks everyone...looks so far like it will be Red Cat.

                Hopefully when the budget eases up, we won't have such tough choices - but for now it's kind of fun.

                1. Red Cat is in a diffferent class.

                  1. I think Five Points is great! Red cat was good as well but, definitely prefer Five Points. The food is delicious and ambience is nice as well.


                      1. Definitely Red Cat. I've been to both and was actually disappointed with my dinner at Five Points. I think Five Points' brunch is great but not their dinner. Red Cat was great- service and food were wonderful!

                        1. I hate to go against the grain, but I thought Red Cat was terrible. The food was sub-par, at best, service was inattentive, with the exception of the hostesses, who were right on point. I would never recommend this restaurant to anyone. I've only been to Five Points for brunch, but found it far superior to Red Cat. I can't vouch for their dinner menu. If you're looking for something in the neighborhood of Red Cat, but with better food, try Cookshop. It's loud & service can be spotty, but the food I've had there has always been quite good.

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                            thanks...we actually did look at Cookshop and it looked great but we kept coming back to Red Cat or Five Points. But Cookshop is on the list for the future.

                          2. I was very disappointed with Red Cat. Excessively salty yet otherwise bland food. I don't understand the accolades at all. The "famous" zucchini, almond and pecorino appetizer is so overrated. And the tempura green beans mask their bland limp greasiness with tons of salt.

                            1. Definitely go for the Red Cat over Five Points, though I'd agree with an above poster that the Harrison and the Mermaid Inn are also definitely worth a visit. I just went to the Harrison for the second time a couple of weeks ago and had a wonderful meal (great fish). I visit the Mermaid Inn about once a month; it's consistently delicious and the wine list is small but affordable and well-chosen.

                              1. I love Red Cat! The atmosphere is warm, the food is very good and the service was great!