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Mar 1, 2007 09:05 AM

The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Ok who's got it??? I want to make them this afternoon and I anxiously await the recipes....I prefer crunchy or crispy cookies rather than soft textured!!

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  1. I got this recipe via this board "best homemade chocolate chip cookies in the world":

    I totally agree--they are absolutely amazing, follow all of her instructions to the letter. They are both crunchy and chewy. Wow!

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    1. re: Mandymac

      Thank-you...I will check it out for sure...Crunchy and chewy Mmmmm...!!

      1. re: flipkeat

        Yes, yes, yes. These are my favorite chocolate chip cookies -- they are amazing! Small batch, great results.

      2. re: Mandymac

        I'm attempting these right now MandyMac.
        I hope they're good because reading the end comment, I probably won't make them again even if they are. They're in the cooling state in fridge right now.
        We'll see.
        Ok, done, I've made two batches of 8 each in the oven.
        As odd as this will sound, I am glad they didn't turn out well.
        That means I won't make them again.
        There is too much sugar so too sweet too much vanilla and not enough soda.
        They spread way too much and yes, the dough was chilled sufficiently.
        So my take on these, 1-10 these are a 4 1/2

        1. re: iL Divo

          For anyone curious, the end comment iL Divo refers to is "Holy F'ing S. These are good."

          She says she's updated the recipe a bit too and will be posting a salty, crunchy add'n soon.

          1. re: Snorkelvik

            oh my gosh! i have a quadruple batch of this dough sitting on my counter right now ready to scoop and freeze. :)

            i deleted the expletives when i printed the recipe up as i would be very upset if my grandchildren ever read something like that printed at the bottom of their grandmother's recipe. since the oldest of my 3 daughters is only 14, i'm still quite a ways away from grandchildren, but one can't plan too early! ;)

        2. re: Mandymac

          since i read your suggestion last week, i have made at least 3 double batches. in fact, one is in the fridge resting as i type.
          the only change i make is that i double it (the recipe only makes about a dozen cookies and i can eat that in one sitting. before they're even baked.) and that i scoop them and let them rest already scooped. otherwise it is just too hard to portion with my disher. :)

          1. re: Mandymac

            I know that you posted this 4 years ago... but I just had to tell you that this is truly a great cookie recipe! I literally just made this recipe and the cookies are perfect! Perfect height - not too flat but not too puffy, either. Crispy edges, chewy center, and perfect taste!! This is the recipe I've been looking for!
            My mom always made the Toll House recipe but substituted shortening. I try to avoid shortening as much as possible and if you use butter in the TH recipe, they come out too flat for my liking. I've been searching for the perfect CCC for 4 years... this is it!
            Will try the JT recipe next... just didn't have pastry flour in the house.

            1. re: Croissant

              I don't know what I did wrong because reading others have had success and I didn't, stumbles my brain.
              Still for me anyway, way too many chococlate chip recipes out there to settle on one so I'm constantly looking to improve on a great cookie

          2. I follow the old Nestle Toll House recipe only with these changes: 1/2 cup of each sugar instead of 3/4 cup, better chocolate (like cut up chunks of good dark chocolate), and add dried cherries and chopped pecans. Oh, and use extra vanilla.

            1. I use Maida's recipe, which I believe has the same title as this thread ... it is the real, original Toll House recipe (not the one on packages today).

              I like it best with 50/50 white/whole wheat flour, 60% Ghirardelli chips, 11 oz of pecans broken by hand, and evaporated cane sugar/brown sugar. And very good vanilla.

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              1. re: foiegras

                I swear by the Toll House recipe, but did not know that it had been changed.
                Would you mind posting the "real original"?

                1. re: Pierate

                  The big difference is that you dissolve the baking soda in a tsp of hot water, and add it after you've added half the flour. I find that adding it at the end yields a cookie that is flatter, like the ones I remember from childhood. (Why they were flatter I don't know ... perhaps the KitchenAid is doing a significantly better job than the mixer we had?)

                  PS Maida calls her recipe Positively-The-Absolute-Best-Chocolate-Chip Cookies.

              2. For crunchy, crispy, with more of an adult taste (due to the espresso powder, in part), I like the real Neiman Marcus recipe, as opposed to the urban myth one. The baking time I think is too long, though. Baking 20 minutes will get you an overcooked crunchy cookie.


                For crispy exterior with a chewy interior, my favorite is the NYT adaptation of Jacques Torres's ccc.


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                1. re: chowser

                  When my son requested chocolate chip cookies for his team snack, I jumped at the chance to try to get the perfect crispy/chewy cookie right for once. I had e-mailed myself a post from SmittenKitchen a while back where she had a slightly simpler alternative to the NYTimes recipe that sounded cool (melted butter and an egg yolk involved)


                  I tried it this weekend, and just applied some of the techniques from the NYTimes recipe, above (resting time and a sprinkle of sea salt). I have to say, the blended results were totally fantastic! In my mind this produced a truly great cookie.

                  Pics and more details here:

                  1. re: Fikismom

                    those look incredibly delicious.

                    1. re: Fikismom

                      I tried the Smitten Kitchen recipe this week and they came out great. I am not much of a baker, and didn't have all of the tools i needed, but the cookies still came out great. They were better than any store-bought cookies I've tried. It was my first attempt at chocolate chip cookies from scratch.

                      Perfect texture and taste. Not too sweet. I sprinkled a bit of sea salt and loved that tip.

                      Thanks for sharing the link. :)

                      1. re: alliebear

                        You're welcome, and way to go on your first scratch cookies! You'll never buy store bought again...

                      2. re: Fikismom

                        I missed this when it was first posted, but that recipe is essentially the Thick and Chewy CCC from the Best Recipe/Cooks Illustrated--it was my go-to recipe for a long time, still is if I want to get cookies in the oven in a short time.

                      3. re: chowser

                        By far, the JT cookies are the best I've ever had. Making a batch now for our salon, the owner and I are going out to lunch today and must take the shop a treat, they'll love these, I'm confident.

                        Thanks for posting, I'd not heard of Mr.Torres's recipe for CCC before, love 'em.

                        1. re: iL Divo

                          I've tried many recipes since and still go back to them. My favorites.

                          1. re: chowser

                            U hv good taste Chowser

                            but check out what a nutjob I am.
                            I couldn't leave them well enough alone.
                            they are more than perfect just as they are, I mean really perfect.
                            but..........................since I have a collection of chocolate chips, all flavors, I had to get experimental.
                            So in hers went the following chips:
                            dark chocolate raspberry chips
                            white chocolate chips
                            semi sweet chocolate peanut butter chips
                            milk chocolate caramel chips
                            semi sweet/white chocolate chips [all in one]
                            that's 5 kinds of chips, she's either dying or lovin life right about now............

                            1. re: iL Divo

                              Try Heath toffee bits--half chocolate chips and half toffee bits but use a tablespoon or so more flour to counteract the extra fat. They're amazing.

                              1. re: chowser

                                RU kiddin me? they'd never make it to the dough.
                                I'd eat 'em all.
                                I love Heath bars and Skor bars, my favorite.
                                Hum...........maybe today I'll make toffee, any good recipes out there for T&T toffee? hint hint hint

                        2. re: chowser

                          OMG wow. The JT recipe from nytimes just came out of my oven. I tasted one, still slightly warm.....and it is definitely better than the recipe from wordstoeatby blog (which is the one I usually make) While both are gret, the JT definitely wins! YUM!!!!! Thanks for posting!

                        3. I always use the Original Toll House recipe and always get good reviews