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Spiciest Restaurant on Westside?

My brother loves spicy foods. The hotter the better. Any kind of food is fine. Where can I take him to burn his mouth and still have delicious food? Thanks

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  1. Hottest dish I ever had West of the 405....Nobu Malibu's XTRA Spicy Tuna Roll. Had to sign a waiver to try it. Blistering. Not enjoyable, and I like very hot food, but this was off the chart. Verything else was quite ggood, but quite expensive.

    1. What Indian or Thai places has your brother tried on the westside for bringing the heat? I know that Akbar's on Wilshire near 26th in Santa Monica has a 1 to 5 (the higher the number the hotter the dish) rating system for their dishes. Also if you can convince them over at Siam Chan in West L.A. that they can't make the food hot enough for you then I am sure they will be glad to rise up to the challenge and permanently scald your brothers taste buds with 3rd degree burns.

      Siam Chan
      (310) 444-4981
      1611 Colby Ave
      West Los Angeles, CA 90025
      Cross Street:Santa Monica Blvd.

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        I must concur with this. Akbar has by far the spiciest dish I have EVER eaten in Los Angeles. It was called "Green Pepper Lamb", and the gravy, as it were (or curry if you prefer), had no discernible telltale chile flakes or other such hallmarks of chilis whatsoever. But damn! I am a chilihead, but it kicked my butt...in a good way!

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          Yes! Akbar was the first thing to come to mind when I read the OP's post and for some incredibly spicy lamb dish I had there also! I think it wasn't even a 5, but went from a slow mellow burn to complete numbing of the mouth. Very tasty though, along with some not so spicy stuff to tame it down.

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            Agree - Akbar in the Marina and Santa Monica will make it SUPER spicy - it's really incredible. My favorite are the vindaloo - 5+ and the prawns madras at a 5+. Seriously - it will be spicy. It is sooooooooooooooooooooooo good. I absolutely love this place!

            Also - the garbanzo "appetizer" dip that they serve is very spicy - but i don't know what it's called.

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          Is Siam Chan good? I have never heard of it. The thought that there might be good Thai food in my neighborhood is very exciting.

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            It's not bad but it is tough to find really good Thai food around here. If you go I would suggest the yellow curry and some of the big soups to share. We have just tried, (via a post on CH of course) Thai Boom in Culver City and it seemed like a pretty good and authentic (given it's location in Southern Calif. take that word for what it's worth) Thai place.

            Thai Boom
            10863 Venice Blvd
            Los Angeles, CA 90034
            (310) 842-8291

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              i love thai boom, but if you want the food to be REALLY spicy, you need to tell them this before they start cooking.

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                Hey, LA has the second highest thai population outside of thailand. I'd venture that you can get pretty close to authentic.

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                  You can, certainly. It's just that the OP was asking for suggestions on the westside which eliminates the places that normally might be recommended in Thai town or Norwalk (if Renu Nakorn wasn't currently rebuilding from a recent fire) or in the North Hollywood area.

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                siam chan is not too shabby for the most part, however, their pad thai is horrible.

            2. Lamb vindaloo at the Bombay Cafe!

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                I have to say that, while I like Bombay Cafe, (especially the frankie's) I didn't think the vindaloo was that hot. Did you ask them to spice it up extra for you? I didn't do that.

                1. re: tony michaels

                  Actually, someone else ordered it and I ate it unknowingly, after which I had a burning mouth for a good hour.

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                    The dish itself seems to vary, but there are peppers which sometimes are found in the sauce that if eaten are incredibly hot.

                2. In a short drive, you can find yourself in Encino for Chili My Soul, home of the Demon Chili.

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                    Leave a few hours to recover after you try this insanely hot chili

                  2. Boling Crab in Garden Grove has a pretty spicy sauce (ask for the whole sha-bang consisting of rajun cajun spices, garlic butter and lemon pepper) that goes on their crawfish, crab, shrimp and etc dishes. Makes my lips tingle just thinking of it!

                    1. Hogan's Heros in Weschester, I believe, makes a chili that's so hot it is will hurt you, you do not get the flavor of the chili, just a burn. Have some milk or ice cream standing by, this stuff is outta control hot. You have been warned!

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                        I agree re Hogan's Heros' chili. I can stand spicy at a pretty high level-that stuff is beyond. We sampled a little cup of it after being warned by the counter guy. My girlfriend had to run next door to the convenience store to get some milk after just a little sample spoonful (she is Mexican) and although I finished it, it was pretty uncomfortable and kept burning. There must be pure chili oil in the stuff-it is like rocket fuel. That beat by far a green curry I had in Thailand in 1993 in Koh Samui at a little beach side market that had my nose running, eyes watering, and begging that they hurry up on my coconut shake . . .

                      2. I know I am lame but Killer Shrimp (which we only tried on a dare) left my mouth on fire for days!

                        1. Love this post!! I am going to have to try out some of these dishes!! Thanks for the recs.

                          1. If you really want to feel the burn, try Ethiopian. Rosalinda's on Fairfax in little Ethiopia will bring tears of joy to your eyes. I've never experienced that kind of burn, and yet could still taste all the wonderful flavors coming through.

                            1. THIS IS FANTASTIC!!! THANK YOU!!!

                              1. Siam Chan's employees are incredibly nice. The place is tiny - maybe six tables - but they are very quick, exceedingly inexpensive and decent Thai food. We get take out from there all the time.

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                                  agreed except i had the worst pad thai ever from siam chan (mushy noodles, very greasy and lacking flavor).

                                  as a saving grace, everything else that i had there was pretty good (mainly bbq items).

                                2. I like Siam Chan (just south of Santa Monica Blvd. on Colby, next to the 20/20 Video) and get delivery from them. I like their mee krob, yellow curry, and their spicy wide noodles with beef is fairly hot.

                                  But I am a new convert and huge fan of Thai Boom (north side of Venice at Midvale, between Sepulveda and Overland). I told the waitress I liked spicy when looking over the lunch specials and ordered the yellow curry there. It came out with some small beads of red chili oil on top and lots of shreds of hot green Thai chilis. It was delicious, very hot, and had that nose-running forehead-sweating hot-loving thing going for me -- yummm!

                                  El Super Taco (in the old Mama Voula's space on Santa Monica Blvd. a couple of doors away from Monte Alban) has an orangeish habanero salsa on their salsa bar labelled "very hot." I've found that a few drops mixed in with their regular salsa roja kicks it up a tasty notch.