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Mar 1, 2007 08:51 AM

Chocolate Malt (from WC to OAK)

We need to purchase a good chocolate malt somewhere between Walnut Creek and Oakland tomorrow night. It can be in Walnut Creek, but would prefer more towards the Oakland side (along the 24). In Oakland, can be Montclair, Piedmont Ave, College Ave, but not much further in. Prefer a place that would have dinner food as well for takeout, but not required. Must be a malt, not a shake.

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  1. Well I love malts, you can get them at Barneys either on Piedmont Avenue or College or Fentons on Piedmont. Both have burgers, fries, and other stuff like salads, sandwiches and so on. Fentons is an institution for ice cream. When they remodeled after the fire, they added more food items. I also like their crab sandwiches too.

    Both can be reached convenienty off 24.

    1. Get the malt at Ozzie's Soda Fountain in the Elmwood, and get takeout from Holy Land, House of Curries, AG Ferrari, or Shen Hua.

      Or Fenton's on Piedmont--a chocolate malt is one of the few things I'd trust them to do properly. Their food is dreadful (a friend's crab sandwich reeked of ammonia), but there's lots of takeout nearby--Euromix, Messob, Gregoire, Cesar, Simply Greek, Piedmont Grocery, or on the way back to the freeway Bakesale Betty's .

      1. The best malt I've had in the East Bay is at Tuckers in Alameda. A little far from 24, but tasty.

        1. I have a friend who is a chocolate malt aficianado and he says the best chocolate malts are at Fatapple's in Berkeley on MLK. You could eat dinner there as well or pick up some pizza slices from the Cheeseboard.

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            The cheeseboard is not exactly next to Fatapple's, but about 4 blocks away. 3 are short blocks, and it's a pleasant walk, but you might entertain any number of other restaurants besides the CB (such as Gregoire and Taste).

            I'm not a malt expert, thus am not qualified to comment on FatApple's malts. FA is generally OK, but also generally above-average. I stopped going there a few years ago in search of greener fields. I do remember their burgers fondly.

          2. Fenton's, Barney's or -- down in Hayward (out of the way, I know), Val's.