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Mar 1, 2007 08:25 AM

Staunton Grocery and Cranberry Grocery

I live in Lexington and and am looking for interesting places in nearby towns (how about up to 45 min away--e.g. Staunton) for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I noticed on Open Table the Staunton Grocery is listed. Does anyone know anything about this restaurant? Also does anyone know anything abou the Cranberry Grocery in Staunton? Other suggestions would be welcomed as well.

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  1. The best restaurants in Central Virginia are in and around Charlottesville. Would you be open to that trip? What kind of food most interests you?

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      Hi! I'm actually from No. Va. and my sister was a double Whoo (Undergrad and Law). I'm pretty well acquainted with C-Ville cuisine (in fact, I was there last weekend for a little Continental Divide). However, I don't always want to drive an hour and ten minutes for a meal. Looking for a closer alternative...though you are right...C'Villes the best bet!

    2. Staunton Grocery is an upscale restaurant that just opened. Early reviews are very favorable. Some comments appear at click on StoryChat and look for the topic Dining. We are eating there this Sunday, after which I will know more.

      Cranberry's is an organic/natural food store with a healthful breakfast and lunch menu as well. The wraps are quite good, and quite innovative. Not for dinner.

      Also new in Staunton is Zyandoa -- they have their menu on-line. Early reviews favorable there, too.

      Other good ideas in Staunton are The Dining Room (upscale), Mill Street Grill (American -- ribs specialty), Depot and Pullman (both American, in the old train station), L'Italia, and Scotto's downtown (new neighborhood Italian). Light lunch and early evening fare at Pampered Palate. Downhome funky at The Beverley Restaurant. Gourmet pizza at Shenandoah Pizza. Ten miles south of Staunton just off I-81 at Rt 11 check Edelweiss for German food from actual Germans.

      Let us know how it goes.

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