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Mar 1, 2007 08:07 AM

New Restaurants at the Domain

"Land of the Bland" was mentioned. Yes, the restaurants are all chains of some sort.

Kona Grill
Daily Grill
Dimaggio Italian Chophouse
California Pizza Kitchen

Since they call it a chop house, I thought that the steakhouse might be a good addition if they were serving dry aged, but their "steak statement" is this:

"Hand selected from the finest aged Midwestern Angus beef." Sounds like a Sullivan's deal where you get choice quality steaks at prime prices. Anyone been there?

Here's an overview of the Domain:

The Steeping Room sounds interesting:

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  1. Don't forget about McCormick and Schmicks and Fleming's. Two very high end restaurants that currently have locations downtown

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      1. LOL. I'll be going there with my "current" and she'll be gawking at stuff I probably will end up buying her. Unforunately, most of the restaurants don't look to exciting for a quick lunch meal.

        1. I've been to the Domain a couple times beginning with the Grand Opening. Kona Grill was the only food place I wanted to try. I believe Calif Pizza was open but it's not even remotely a place I'd go to more than once...once was enough. Good pizza exists only at Saccones (but hey that's another discussion.)

          KG has a very nice sushi bar with a back drop of an aquarium. Won't comment on the wait due to the opening...seemed atypical for being a new place. I will say that for being a chain they offered some decent dishes. The chicken satay with blue cheese cole slaw offered sweet, salty, and hot all on one large dish. Very good and would recommend. The sushi was decent and would rate them as an average sushi place but nothing that would beat out the likes of Beluga, Musashino, Maiko, etc.

          Overall, I would say this is worth trying out. It's a keeper as far as chain's go.

          1. Daily Grill's not bad. Ate there once in San Francisco. Steak was pretty decent. Thought it was similar to Houston's.

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              Just had lunch at the steeping room. I had the tea sandwiches with the goat cheese. I agree. They were very tasty. Husband had a roast beef sandwich that he said was good. His plate was clean at the end of lunch. Always a good sign.

              I had a nice Darjeeling tea. I bought a whole pot instead of a cup. It was more than I could drink, but cost effective. Their cups are a little small.

              Definitely recommend this place for a nice but a tad expensive lunch. I hope to go back soon to try their scones and clotted cream. Yum!