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Mar 1, 2007 07:58 AM

Family Brunch in LIC/Astoria?

My friends parents are coming into town this weekend and she's looking for a good brunch place in the LIC/Astoria vicinity. Her mom is on crutches so it would have to be someplace without stairs or too cramped a space. . We're looking for something good that can accomdate a group of 6.


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  1. CUP in Astoria is quite large and involves no stair climbing. They may have 1 step to climb to enter the restaurant. There are large booths or tables available. The last time I was there, they offered a nice menu for a brunch type meal (eggs, salads, etc.). We took dad-in-law (90 y/o) for a birthday brunch, and he enjoyed it because they offered lighter fare. They also have a bar in the middle of the dining room and several large screen tvs usually tuned to ESPN. The prices are a bit steep though. Quality has been questionable since it's been under new management. You can do a quick search though and get more information.

    1. though cup is def big enough for a family brunch, i'm not sure if it's really the type of place that i would bring a set of parents. it's more of a glorified diner than anything.

      i would think parents would appreciate a place like brick cafe. yes, it's small, but they accept reservations for brunch, so they can have a table of 6 ready for you. it's a tadbit small, but they have 2 separate dining areas so it's not terribly small.