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Mar 1, 2007 07:37 AM

Looking for a nice restaurant for dinner in the Santa Clarita/Valencia area (non-chain)

We're meeting an old friend and his wife who are in town on business in Santa Clarita for dinner tonight. We're coming-up from Pasadena and if it wasn't for the fact that they have a 1 year-old with them, I'd have them come to old town and meet us for dinner. The fact is, we're not and now I'm trying to find a non-chain restaurant to meet them for dinner this evening.

Can anyone suggest anything up there? We're open to almost any kind of cuisine, so long as it's not fast food or too casual. Something nice with a wine list would be great!

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Wolf Creek Brewing has been recommended on the board before. Not sure if this is too casual or not?

    There is also Vines Restaurant at the Hyatt hotel and Salt Creek Grill, both of which are higher end places (Salt Creek also has a couple of other locations in So. Calif.).

    1. I'd check with the Vines, they were closed for rennovation.

      Mulligan's on Tournament is also nice. They have good steak tips, last week I had a great delmonico, they have good chicken dishes, and sandwiches as well.. Good service and nice atmosphere as well.
      25848 Tournament Rd
      Valencia, CA (661) 255-3356

      that's all I cna think of right now, if I think of more I'll add on!

      1. If your friends like Japanese/asian food, Maru Sushi is in my opinion the best restaurant that we have in Santa Clarita. They don't have just very good sushi, but many other choices. Other than their regular menu, they give a menu with the restaurant specialties, which include very good appetizers, and entrees. It is not just mainly Japanese, they also have a very good steak dish, and seafood dishes. When we have friends from out of town and we want to take them to dinner there is were we go.
        Unfortunatelly the service is not always the best, it all depends on your server, but the owners are always there making sure that everyone is happy. Also they are located in a very pleasant part of town, on Town Center Drive, nice place to walk after dinner, close to the shopping Mall, but not in the mall.

        Whatever your decision to where to go is, please report back.

        Enjoy Santa Clarita! Nice city, but not many good restaurants!

        1. We ended-up eating @ The Vines in the Hyatt Hotel. That's where our friends were staying and they didn't feel like taking their 1 year-old out in the cold. Other then the dining room being in the lobby due to re-modeling, the food and the service were very good. We had tuna and Caesars salad for appetizer. Tuna was just okay. A couple of us had lamb shanks, one had chicken and I had the sea bass. Everybody thought the food was good. For desert, we a chocolate moose and fruit/berry assortment with sugar glazed waffles. Both were very good. One thing did stand-out about the chef; he or she presented all dishes wonderfully with lots of attention to small details. We enjoyed that.
          The wine list was limited but they had enough central and northern Cal. wines that it didn’t matter all that much. If and when we're in the area again, we wouldn't hesitate to return to The Vines. Overall, nothing to complain about.

          Thanks for suggestions.

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            Thanks for reporting back. Not too many are kind enough to do so. More or less a no brainer since your friends were staying at the Hyatt and they had a one year old in tow.

          2. Thanks so much for reporting back. Glad to hear you enjoyed your dinner in SCV.