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Looking for great diner

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I'm looking for a great diner with fine home cooking for a national cable show. The idea is old fashioned diners with new or relatively new owners who have brought the diners back to their former glory with wonderful but traditional food. Owners must make good characters. Can be in NYC or within a 1 hour drive.

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  1. i replied to this thread in the tri-state area ,too, but in NJ i'd say TICKTOCK diner on route 3 west in Clifton, NJ. classic and wonderful. in Brooklyn, i'd say Carroll Diner which is on the Smith street between atlantic and bergen streets. true, NJ-style classic diner. good quality.

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      i agree 100% about tick tock. I dont know about Caroll Diner, if it is the place Im thinking of. Also in NJ Nevada Diner in Bloomfield is another classic. actually i cant even think of any bad diners in Northern NJ.

    2. Vegas Diner on 86th Street and 16th Avenue in Bensonhurst. It is as old world Brooklyn as it gets. My family went there for years every Sunday morning for a post churc breakfast. Actually...i'm kind of tearing up thinking of those beautiful days with my Uncle yelling at the waitresses for more coffee, my mother yelling at me to pay my bills and move out of their basement, and my father and Aunt fighting over whose turn it was to pay the check that week....ahhh....family....
      There's also Del Rio on Kings Highway and I believe West 9th Street (or somewhere around there) or Caraville on Avenue M and East 19th where many a post show, concert of SING event in HS was celebrated with cheese fries and milkshakes and such...There's another one in Sheepshead Bay that for the life of me I can't remember and its driving me crazy. A great diner, right off the water. Although the newer outdoor addition kind of adds something a little less traditional to it, its a great way to spend a late summer evening. Just wish I could remember what its called!

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        the vegas diner was closed by the board of health in recent days.

      2. El Greco! Thats the one in Sheepsehead bay!

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          El Greco is one of the worst diners I’ve ever been to and I would avoid it all costs. It has one thing and one thing only – location – and that’s it.

          There is (or was) a diner in Bay Ridge on 3rd Avenue in the 80s or 90s that has pretty typical dinner food – the name slips me. There is (or was – again haven’t been there in a while) one on 4th and 100th that was also decent.

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            The Diner on 3rd Ave in Bay Ridge is Off Shore, between 78th & 79th Streets. It actually went through a renovation a few weeks ago, but the food/menu is the same - wonderful. It is THE diner in Bay Ridge. Same owner for nearly 2 decades - Greek Family. Once you go there you are part of the family.

        2. What about Relish in Williamsburg? The service is a little distracted, but the food is good solid diner grub with a few interesting additions, and the decor is pure old-school diner.

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              My wife and I ate there one evening on a rec from a local yokel. What a MISTAKE! It has to be the WORST food we have ever eaten.

              AVOID this poor excuse for a diner.

            2. Empire Diner on 10th and 21 in Manhattan

              1. Diner in Williamsburg. Not traditional diner food, but great food.

                1. tom's in prospect heights. food...eh. owner...fabulous.

                    1. Glad to see you got some leads here. For those who might be interested in tuning in, which show on which cable channel do you work for?

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                        It's for a Food Network show called "Diners, Drive-ins and Dives" that will start airing in April.

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                          Thank you - those sound like my kinds of places.

                      2. georgia diner in elmhurst queens. great relish tray [pickled beets with onions, chickpeas, three bean salad and mighty tasty coleslaw].

                        michaels diner in astoria queens. the quality of the food is [imho] a step above traditional diner fare.

                        1. Hinsch's Diner on 5th avenue between 85th and 86th in Bay Ridge is a great old-school diner. Excellent egg creams.

                          1. Seven Sea 's In Great Neck on Northern Blvd

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                              I go way back with this diner, back to when it was an old-style shotgun tintop known as the Eden Roc. This was back in the mid to late '70's - I used to go there with my father and get the silver dollar pancakes, a Sunday morning treat. The place has gone through numerous name, owner and face changes since then, and it remains a Sunday morning staple for my folks. Good diner food, if a bit pricey, and the staff is very nice and personable.

                              Haven't had those silver dollars since way back in the day. I don't know how much I would like them now, but, back then, they were the greatest breakfast ever.

                            2. Hinsch's is old school for sure, a lunchonette more than a diner, but I guess what a diner really was before we started calling them diners.

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                                Mike's Diner in Astoria, at the foot of the N stop on Ditmar's Blvd.

                              2. When I lived in Kew Gardens I always loved the Hilltop Coach Diner on Union Turnpike. It had great Greek salads and matzoh ball soup.

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                                  there are two diners in bay ridge brooklyn- tiffany diner (on 4th ave in the high 90s) and bridgeview diner (on 3rd ave. & 90th). tiffany is actually a landmark of sorts in the neighborhood. i haven't eaten there in a million years so i can't really attest to the food. i get cheeseburger deluxes to go all the time from bridgeview (since i live nearby).. they are one of the few diners to still serve steak fries with their burgers.

                                  i am floored that no one has mentioned kings plaza diner in marine park, brooklyn. fantastic diner.

                                  if you are looking for old school diner with clientele ranging from people stopping for coffee & eggs before work to hoardes of younger folks stopping by for a bite after hitting the clubs at 4am, check out neptune diner in astoria. it's a 24hr diner and definitely a fixture.

                                  there is another diner in NJ that's awesome. the name escapes me but the cheesecake there is sick! i'll return w/the name... ok, it's Park West Diner in little falls, nj. www.parkwestdiner.com

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                                    don't know if you know it but hilltop on union turnpike is now a commerce bank. because there's not enough of those.

                                    flagship on queens boulevard has THE best bread basket