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Mar 1, 2007 07:34 AM

Where to Find Acetaia Bellei Cream of Balsamico Vinegar

I tasted this at a friend's and really would like to buy some. She doesn't live in NYC, so I'm not sure where to get it here. Regular balsamic really burns my tongue, but this was just sweet enough to not be painful, a real bonus! Not sure I've seen it at the usual suspects like Zabar's, Citarella, Gourmet Garage. But maybe I've just overlooked it? Anyway, is there somewhere you all know of that sells it? Possibly the Italian store at Chelsea Market?


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  1. My husband bought us a bottle at DiBruno Brothers in Philadelphia a few months ago, but they don't seem to carry it anymore. Have you been able to find it anywhere? We are just about out of our first bottle and we LOVE it and use it on everything - from salads to steaks - and we're getting desperate! Thanks!

    1. Not Bellei, but I have seen these types of concentrated balsamics in squeeze bottles at Fairway and Agata and Valentina. Trader Joe's sold them last year but I have not been there in a long time so not sure if they still stock them..

      At least I think that is what you are looking for...

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        Thanks Erica - I will check out Trader Joe's!

      2. I had dinner last nite at SD26 near 5th ave they use thje Bellei, I bought a bottle from them $50

        1. Haven't seen it in Manhattan, but there are a number of places online where it's available. as one example....

          1. Maybe try Eataly? Or the Italian place in Chelsea Market.