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peanut butter

i love peanut butter. i like pretty much all nut butters, but i continually return to the holy peanut for its nostalgic awesomeness. i wonder, with the recent plethora of available wholesome choices, what you hounders are digging. i think once again's product is pretty wonderful. but, i think in the end, my favorite is probably arrowhead mills.

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  1. My favorite peanutbutter is from New York & Company peanut butter which is in the village by NYU. You can buy the peanutbutter at D'Ag's.

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      This stuff is like crack. In all fairness, though, I have only tried the Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter variety, as opposed to the regular kind (somehow I was able to justify paying such high prices for dessert in a can, but not for my regular peanut butter fix), so I don't know if I can truly consider this peanut butter.

      Which variety/flavor do you buy?

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          Sorry, yes...got confused. I was referencing Peanut Butter and Company, rather than New York and Company. I've never seen New York and Company's products, but then again, I live in Philly.

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            I like the PB and Co. peanut butter too.

      1. I'll admit to being totally pedestrian. I really like chunky Jif.

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          Yes. On hot toast with a glass of milk and the glass has been in the freezer. Then the peanut butter starts to kind of melt. Sorry gotta go...

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            Creamy Jif here, unchowy but there ya have it.

          2. I like Adam's (grew up eating it - why change a good thing)

            1. There was a looonnngg thread on favorite peanut butters in December. Here's a link for more than you probably ever wanted to know about chowhounders' opinions on peanut butter:


              1. PB Loco. Some of their flavors are amazing. The sun-ripened apricot inspired me to write this homage on my blog



                1. I looooove President's Choice all natural chunky PB. The ingredients list reads something like this: Just peanuts.

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                    Unfortunately the local store shelves has had some slim pickings with the recent salmonella issues, so my brand is not available. Peter Pan Crunchy was my favorite. :-(


                    1. I think the Trader Joe's PB is awesome.

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                        I hated PB when I was a kid - it was always Peter Pan or the like - and then after I achieved what passes for adulthood I discovered REAL peanut butter: peanuts and salt, period. Back East my favorite was Smucker's; out here in SoCal it's either TJ's or Laura Scudder. Both very good. I'm still trying to figure out why California PB is so much more liquid when it's first opened than the eastern kind, but I guess it's just a regional preference, like the butter in cubes rather than sticks...

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                          It's probably more liquid because it's warmer here in CA. Peter Pan rocks by the way.