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Mar 1, 2007 07:19 AM

W. St. Louis/Chesterfield

I'm going to be here for a couple weeks in March for work. I'm pretty familiar with the city from around Clayton in, but am not aware of too many good places west of there. Could anyone recommend restaurants, particular sushi, steak, or anything else that might be unique worth checking out for a group of 4 or 5 people with no major limitations on expenses? Will be staying at the Marriott West off 40 Highway near Maryville University.

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  1. Well, the easiest places to get to are the malls, but its chain heaven there.

    West County mall is down I-270 one exit from 60 on Manchester. There is the Elephant Bar. West og 270 a little ways is Surf and sirloin, its very good. A Greek family owns it, they have a great Diamond Jim Brady is a 32 oz steak that is pretty good.

    On Olive and Woods Mill there are a few interesting places. Spiros west county is on the southeast corner south of the bank. Decent Greek food. Northwest corner have two places Simon's Cafe for Middle Eastern food and there is an Indian influenced Chinese place in the same strip mall called Hot'n Sour.

    East on Olive and Fee Fee will find you close to the Happy Buddah, a great all you can eat Chinese place if that is what you want, not much subtlety there. It is in the strip mall on the northwest corner. In the same strip there is also Astoria, which is a russian place, which is not bad. And a Japanese place called Tachibana. Its an older Japanese place but its pretty good, I think they may have been the first Japanese place in St. Louis at one time.

    And then there is Chesterfield Mall, another chain heaven: Bahama Breeze, Cheesecake Factory, etc. There is a new chain called Wapango, spanish/south american place, all in the mall itself, or on the property.

    In the area just south of the mall, there is a palce called Aqua Vin, pretty good place actually. I liked it a lot. John Goodman is part owner, a silent one at that.

    Inside 270 and north of you there is Bristol's, an upscale chain specializing in seafood. You can also go to Westport Plaza, but the food there is so-so.

    Try the Sauce Magazine website

    Or Joe Bonwich's reviews

    1. Thanks for those recommendations...

      1. I don't get out that way too much but we went fairly recently to Xanadu in the Chesterfield Valley. The steaks were good and it was an interesting atmosphere.

        1. Our favorite sushi place in St. Louis is just off Highway 60 in a mall on Clarkson Road. It is called Yoshi's.

          1. I would recommend Yia Yia's on Olive just N. of 40-64.