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Mar 1, 2007 07:15 AM

nobu vs table 8 tonight?

my birthday dinner in south beach- husband has never been to nobu, so that is what i was thinking, but recent recs of table 8 sound great. any thoughts? we will probably plan on just sitting at the bar at either place, or maybe going early for a table without res. thanks!

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  1. If I was being taken out for my birthday I'd prefer Nobu (and I've been several times, Table 8 once). Have to caution you, though, that I'm not sure that Nobu serves full menu at the bar. Table 8 does, although you may need to ask them for the full menu and not just the "bar nibbles" menu.

    1. Haven't been to Table 8, but Nobu is great!

      1. It all depends on what you feel like. Both have good atmosphere for pre and post dinner cocktails. Don't know about food at the Nobu bar though. It seems more like the type of place to sit at a table. On the other hand, you may not have a choice but to sit at the bar at Table 8 given stories I've heard about long waits even with reservations. It's a toss up that I'd wait until I knew what I was in the mood for before deciding.

        1. I am gonna say you can't lose with either though I am not sure about what you can or cannot get @ the bar @ Nobu. I think Nobu does edge out table 8 foodwise but it is very close...