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Mar 1, 2007 07:10 AM

Organic/natural food restaraunt in Chicago Area??

Does anyone know of any restaraunts in the Chicagoland area that use only Organic foods?

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  1. A search of the word "organic" on Metromix ( ) turns up a bunch of places that have "mostly organic" food. They also mention Crust, a pizza place at 2056 W. Division St. scheduled to open later this month, which will be "certified organic".

    1. Crust is in the old Settimana Cafe space and I believe is being opened by the same guy who brought us Bisto Campagne in Lincoln Square and Campagniola in Evanston. It sounds great and will be the only organic pizzeria in Chicago.

      1. There's also Lula'a in Logan Square. A very small, very ambitious little restaurant that serves most organic food.

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          Lula Cafe is awesome. they catered our wedding.

        2. This morning I read in the Douglas Report (medical doctor) that organic farming triggered the ecoli outbreak. It says that new organic standards require that compost only be kept for three days before use on food crops. So, if you are going to an organic restaurant be careful about eating the uncooked food. It's changed my thinking about organic.