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Mar 1, 2007 06:54 AM

Happy Hour reception for 50

We would like to host a happy hour recruiting reception for emergency residents, somewhere around 54th and 7th Ave; near Radio City Music Hall. A cool bar with perhaps some pool tables, large drink selection and appetizers. We're thinking about 50-60 people or so. We'd like a private room or area. Any suggestions? Nothing too fancy--we want them to be relaxed and chilled out.

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  1. How about McGee's on 55th between Broadway and 8th. It's a big place, they have two floors. I'm not sure if they have pool tables, but that could be that I didn't notice them. It's your standard welcoming Irish pub, with typical pub grub. Friendly spot, they pour a good beer. There's another similar place in Times Square on 45th Street. O'Lunney's. It can get crowded there, but again a nice place.

    It'll be hard to find a place immediately around there with a pool table. With rent so high in midtown, a pool table takes up space that could be taken by more people drinking, and encourages lingering over drinks rather than quicker turnover.