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Mar 1, 2007 06:52 AM


My husband and I are going to Aruba to celebrate our anniversary. We will be staying for 7 nights. We are really big on water view or great settings and of course food. Can you please give me recommendations for restaurants that are on the water or have a great view of the water. Thanks

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  1. My Husband and I were in Aruba in November and ate at two wonderful restaurants..
    The Flying Fishbone..on the water...wonderful absolutely wonderful
    Madame Janette's wonderful also although not on the water....
    Both dinner's were awesome...........

    1. My husband and I spent our honeymoon in Aruba last November and the place we liked the best was the Pelican's Nest Seafood & Grill Bar. You can't get much more on the water than this place, it's on a pier. It is not fancy by any means, you can (and we did) go there in our bathing suits for dinner. The coconut shrimp is amazing. The service is super friendly. It's not touristy or gimmicky. The view (esp. at sunset) is spectacular. It was our favorite place to go in Aruba. Enjoy!

      1. Madame Janette's is great. I love Buccaneer, Driftwood, Jamaican Me Crazy, Que Pasa, Cuba's Cooking for Mojitos, Gasparitos..Flying Fishbones is hit or miss, IMHO.

        1. I went 5 years ago, and agree that the Flying Fishbone was outstanding, and you definitely want to request a table on the beach! Its quite a ride from the lowrise section...probably 20-30 minute drive. I rented a 4x4 vehicle for 24 hours to explore the island and then drove back and forth to the restaurant that 1 night.

          1. Flying Fishbones has been hit or miss for some of my clients and friends. I had two experiences there, quite good. Ventana de la Mer at the Tierra del Sol golf course is a nice place for lunch. I love Mirandi's Madame Janettes, King Rib, Jamaican Me Crazy, Driftwood, Buccaneer, Que Pasa, Cuba's Cooking (for Mojitos and music) to name a few. Sometimes we go to Aruba for the weekend to get a bit of city fix and to dine. Fun island but mind the traffic jams in town.

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              We had a terrible experience at Flying Fishbone. They sent a bottle of wine to the hotel to make amends, but we will not be back.

              We enjoyed Mirandi for an on water dining experience.

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                Azurro in Playa Linda is right above the beach and offers great food, good sunset view and, of course, the beach view. Mirandi is a great view as well and the food was fine. We spend 3 weeks in Aruba each year (just returned 3/16). A very pretty restaurant is Papiamento (expect leisurely dining - not speedy) inland but you sit outside around a pool. You can tour the old house as well. Linda