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in search of a good West Indian or Jamaican restaurant with table service

I'm planning a dinner for 6-8 people at a West Indian or Jamaican restaurant. I'm hoping to find one that has table service, rather than a place that only has a take-out/cafeteria setting. I'm just interested in finding a place where we'll be able to sit together, and won't feel rushed if we're there for a couple hours.

I used to go to the Real Jerk in the early 90s, but I found the quality had slipped the last time I went. I'm looking for something a little more traditional than the food found at Irie on Queen West.

I'm considering Ali's in Parkdale, but I was wondering if anyone knows of any other West Indian restaurants that would be good for a group.

I'm especially interested in hearing about sit-down Trini and/or Guyanese restos that serve poulouri.

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  1. I've seen a place called Scarlet Ibis on O'Connor, just west of Eglinton. It has table service, but I've never been there.

    Here is a list of Caribbean places in the GTA: http://www.toronto-lime.com/restauran...

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      Thanks for the list, foodyDudey. A word of caution, though- it doesn't look like the list been updated in a while. Eazy Eats closed in Dec 2005, and Irie on College closed over 4 years ago.

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        I noticed that the list was dated after I posted. Scarlet Ibis is still there, I drove past this week. I can't find any reviews of it, but it looks like a nice place as I drive by.

    2. I remember Ibis being pretty good. A friend of mine quite enjoys the buffet as well.

      1. irie food joint in queen west
        great place, carl the owner made the beautiful portraits on the wall out of human hair...
        i realize that this is pretty unappealing when thinking about food but the place serve up some good jamaican

        1. There's a West Indian place at the NW corner of Weston Rd. and Eglinton. Can't remember the exact name...something Delites. It may have been re-designed by Restaurant Makeover, but I'm not sure. I ate lunch there once--a very nice curry chicken. Plenty of space to eat in and friendly people.

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            'First Class Delites', I think it was.

          2. Roland's at 2900 Eglinton Ave East (416) 431-4242 has table service. They have 2 chefs in the back, one that cooks strictly chinese food and the other guyanese. Being an aficionado of good Cantonese chow mein, they make a really good one with a very tasty sauce( they take the time to toast the noodles and then add the meat/seafood with sauce on top ). I'm pretty sure you can sit down for a while with no problems just tell the server. I've also seen poulouri on their menu.

            1. I used to really enjoy the food at Tropical Nights when they were on Warden Ave. Haven't tried the Danforth & Victoria Park location. Big space, Guyanese owner. Probably worth a whirl.

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                I think that's closed down as well. I drove by this weekend and saw papered windows and a for lease/sale sign in the window.

              2. There's Jamaican Bar/Restaurant opened along Danforth Ave. located between Woodbine and Main Street, near Honda dealer,I think its called Classic One Pub, I'm not sure if they're good, haven't treid it yet but they do have seatings. Tropical Nights along Victoria Park and Danforth Ave.'s not too bad.... just too crowded most of the times.

                1. Island Thyme om Bathurst just north of Bloor.

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                    Island Thyme is pretty small. 8 people would fill up the entire restaurant. It has more of a cafeteria feeling there. When we went, there was one lady who came out of the kitchen to take our orders and then disappeared until she brought us our food. I think she may have been the chef as well.

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                      How's the food, though? I've passed the place dozens of times and have always wondered if I should try it for take out. I always end up with take-out from Albert's on St. Clair.

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                        We thought it was average. There was nothing spectacular or highly memorable. The quality of cooking was good but the flavours were just not there. I prefer Albert's (on St Clair) for oxtail, Mr Jerk (at both the Peanut Plaza & Wellesley) for their jerk pork sandwich with oxtail gravy and the Fish Shack (in Kensington market) for their fish soup and fish escovitch.

                  2. Island Mix in Pickering. A great looking spot, you can get Carib beer, and the food is great.

                    1. Thanks for all your suggestions.
                      Will report back after the dinner takes place.