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Mar 1, 2007 06:32 AM

Food at Manhattan Penthouse

If anyone has attended an event at Manhattan Penthouse, I'd love to know know which menu items you liked or disliked or any other thoughts you have about the quality of the food.


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  1. I went to a tasting there and thought both the chilean seabass and filet mignon were really great. Everything we tried came across as very well thought-out and delicious, with creative side-dishes. You should go to a tasting; and if you cannot, I understand that you can trust them to do a great job. Their rental and catering fees were the best I found; and the food quality is not compromised.

    We've chosen to serve as hot stations: white bean cassoulet with duck legs, vodka pene, as well as a crepe station; although our wedding isn't until March 31 (so I cannot yet comment on these items).

    I also heard from another caterer that the food quality tends to be a little better at MP for buffet rather than a seated dinner.

    good luck!

    1. This was a while back ago (2005), but I attended an event there and everything tasted soggy, bland and microwaved.

      I'd definitely do a tasting to make sure the quality has improved.

      1. Both times I've been to MP it was for an event that needed to serve Kosher food. I'm just pointing this out because I think that it means that they allow outside catering since I doubt they have a Kosher kitchen. Thus, it's hard to say whose food you're eating when you're there.

        1. Thanks for the responses. We're already booked there, but are living overseas right now and weren't able to do a tasting so were hoping to get advice on specific dishes. Erin07 -- congratulations! We've found the venue to be great to deal with, I'm sure you will have a lovely wedding.