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Dinner near the Drake

Looking for a place for dinner near the Drake hotel. Any suggestions? Preferably somewhere within walking distance, mid range prices.


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  1. Mildred Pierce is fantastic, it is on Sudbury St, a very short walk. Also if you are staying at the Drake, a great brunch is at the Beaver Cafe

    1. Perhaps the Beaconsfield (comfort food, right next-door)?
      Or the Swan (Queen at Shaw)?
      The Sparrow (on Ossington at Queen)?

      All are neighbourhood-y type spots. Beaconsfield and Sparrow can get loud moving into night (and depending on the day of the week).

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        I'll second that--had a po'boy at the Swan last time I was in the city, and fell in love.

      2. It sounds like some people have had good food at the Gladstone too.

        1. Bar One- east on Queen.

          1. it might sound obvious {i don't know if you were planning on eating there already}, but the drake has a restaurant, and cafe. you wouldn't believe how many people didn't know that when i worked there, and i was there for the first year and a half it was open!

            1. The Drake restaurant is by far the best in a three block radius. Don't go to the Beaconsfield - have given the place many chances but each time it's been quite bad. Swan is excellent; also try Sugar, which is closer to Swan. But call in advance as their service is languid so you don't want to be standing around forever. If Swan is full, go to Oyster Boy, just a few doors down.

              1. My favorites in the neighborhood are Swan, Bar One & Kei. You can't go wrong. All solid choices.

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                  Oh, I'd second Kei... Malaysian... really great.

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                    Does Swan have a website? I'd like to see the menu. And what about Terroni, any opinions? Do they take reservations?