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Mar 1, 2007 06:24 AM

Dinner near the Drake

Looking for a place for dinner near the Drake hotel. Any suggestions? Preferably somewhere within walking distance, mid range prices.


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  1. Mildred Pierce is fantastic, it is on Sudbury St, a very short walk. Also if you are staying at the Drake, a great brunch is at the Beaver Cafe

    1. Perhaps the Beaconsfield (comfort food, right next-door)?
      Or the Swan (Queen at Shaw)?
      The Sparrow (on Ossington at Queen)?

      All are neighbourhood-y type spots. Beaconsfield and Sparrow can get loud moving into night (and depending on the day of the week).

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      1. re: Rabbit

        I'll second that--had a po'boy at the Swan last time I was in the city, and fell in love.

      2. It sounds like some people have had good food at the Gladstone too.

        1. Bar One- east on Queen.

          1. it might sound obvious {i don't know if you were planning on eating there already}, but the drake has a restaurant, and cafe. you wouldn't believe how many people didn't know that when i worked there, and i was there for the first year and a half it was open!