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Roast chicken (legs and thighs only) seasonings?

I'll be roasting some chicken legs and thighs for hubby and myself tonight. Usually I just rub the chicken with some salt, pepper, thyme and olive oil and roast away. I thought that tonight, I'd do something a little different.

I own just about every spice and herb out on the market. I also have fresh basil, rosemary, parsley, thyme, mint and sage plants.

Please give me some ideas on how to season my roast chicken parts to change things up! And I guarantee I'll try a bunch of suggestions in the future.

Looking forward to your suggestions!

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  1. Start marinating them now in plain yogurt with plenty (*plenty!*) of garlic and cumin mixed in. If you have it, add corriander, garam masala (sp?), cinnamon, giner - all Indian-style spices. Remove, discard marinade, grill or roast, love.

    1. i'll second the yogurt but with lots of lemon juice and garlic. don't let it sit for more than 4 hours because the lemon will start to "cook" the chicken and make it rubbery.

      you can also pound garlic and thyme into butter and force that under the skin before baking.

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        I have no yogurt, and I'm stuck at work until close to dinner time, so marinating at this point is out of the question.
        I will use both yogurt recommendations in the future though. I love Indian-flavored foods and stuff with lemon.

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          what temperature and for how long? help! I have already started the marination process - got carried away!

      2. I'm a big fan of rosemary and the rosemary, red pepper flake chicken under a brick is a favorite, try those with your EVOO, salt and pepper. Sage is a natural with chicken would be a great alternative to your thyme as well. Thigh qtrs are a terrific value. Had some baked with Paul Prudhomme's Chicken Magic on them, just terrific. You are making me hungry.

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          Put the sage leaves under the skin of the legs/thighs in a few place and rub the skin with butter, salt and pepper. Roast away.

        2. Coat w/ bread crumbs and parmesan - drizzle w/ butter and bake...sorry, don't have the exact recipe.

          1. pesto--under the skin. the pine nuts and olive oil make a nice, moist roast.

            1. perhaps a bit low-brow -- but mix dijon and honey 1/2 and 1/2, then brush on and bake -- yummy, and fast.

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                is lemon juice from concentrate okay?

              2. Lime, garlic and chile powder.

                1. They all sound good! I'm looking forward to trying all the suggestions.

                  I used hotoynoodle's suggestion of pounding things into butter and pushing it under the skin. I used a mixture of fresh sage, oregano and thyme from my herb garden, smashed it into butter, put it under the skin, then sprinkled the chicken with salt, pepper and a bit of garlic and paprika. The skin came out really crispy and the chicken extremely moist and buttery. Yum!

                  1. Q

                    I love my family for many reasons and a nice adder is that none of them like dark meat. That leaves the best part of the chicken and turkey to Jfood. I think the dark meat is so much better than white.. It can go in a hot oven (425-450) for 430-40 minutes and come out crispy on the outside and wonderfully juicy inside, it can do a 180 and go long and slow in a braise and come out succulent and deep in flavor.

                    The other night a major catastrophe. I was setting the table and Mrs Jfood plating. We sat down and i noticed an interloper on her dish. OMG it was a thigh. :-(((

                    Thinking she made a mistake I said "Sweetie, did you know you took a thigh by mistake? Want me to take it over and replace with a breast?" To my surprise she said "Nope, I always wanted to try the thigh since you seems to always say how great they are." Hold my breath, what's going to be the result. Whew!!! She said she liked it but not as much as the breasts. Another bullet dodged. :-)))

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                      jfood, I'm with you (as is Mr. B). I've always prefered thighs over breasts, and he likes the legs. So, we have no fighting over thighs/legs either. It works out all around. I like white meat on occasion, in certain things (chicken salad for instance), but for roasting/grilling I'll take a thigh any day over a breast.
                      I did my meat last night on the convection setting of my oven and man did that skin come out crispy...almost like paper-thin crispy. Awesome. Not healthy...but darn it, I have to have some vices.

                    2. lemon, thyme, garlic, olive oil,salt and pepper is a great combination for baked thighs

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                        Lemon! Something so simple, and yet, I always forget about it.

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                          If you like lemon, try raos lemon chicken and use only thighs. It's triple Jfood approved.


                      2. Tons of seasoned salt or cajun seasoning to crisp the skin, pepper, dash cumin, dash nutmeg, dash yellow mustard, paprika, cayenne, thyme. With the drippings, I sometimes make a sauce to which I add sour cream to cut back on the spice (I use a lot of cayenne). It's surprisingly terrific.

                        1. I love roasting leg quarters with minced & smushed together lemon peel, garlic, rosemary, OO, S&P mushed under the skin.

                          1. I made this up a few weeks ago and it was really delicious....

                            For marinade:
                            Sour Cream or Fage Yougurt
                            Skim Milk or Water
                            1/2 package or more Onion Soup Mix
                            Black Pepper

                            Marinate Chicken for at least a few hours.

                            Remove from marinade and coat with a mixture of flour, breadcrumbs and parmeseam cheese.

                            Place in non-stick baking pan (Spray pan and tops of chicken with Pure Butter Spray)

                            Bake until golden and crispy.

                            1. To me one of the high water marks of Western civilization is Trader Joe's boneless, skinless thighs. I take it as a personal challenge to use them differently each time. Although my favorite is a simple pan fry in panko with garlic
                              and parmesan, I have coated with tapenade, smeared with garlic black bean sauce, rubbed with mustard, tossed with pancetta. You just can't go wrong.