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dark loungey cocktail place - ideas

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want a place below 23rd street with a dark loungey feel. even a place where I could get a pina colada or crazy fun drinks. want couches not chairs. any ideas? also can you recco some total east village dives to hang in - juke box

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  1. Check out the Pegu Club on Houston right off of W. Broadway.
    Website: http://www.peguclub.com
    They have an extensive menu of exotic cocktails that they make with top-shelf liquors and fresh ingredients. I've been there several times and every drink I had was fantastic.
    On the downside it is a bit precious and pretentious so unless you go right when they open you may be turned away. They don't let you stand–you have to sit down.

    1. The Dove in the village is dark and loungy; couches, great cocktails, good scotch selection; gets crowded with a somewhat young crowd, however it's not too full of nyu kids.

      1. do you have an exact location?

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          Thompson betw Bleecker & w3rd. It's a bit below street level...look for it on the east side of the street.

        2. Flatiron Lounge (37 W 19th St between 5th and 6th) sounds like it fits your description - dim lighting, a lot of couches, and excellent drinks (order a pina colada at any serious cocktail bar in NYC at your own peril, though). The caveat: expect to pay the now standard around NYC 'premium cocktail' price of $13.

          1. These are all great suggestions. I have been to all and would second Pegu Club as the best choice.

            1. Try the "hidden" bar in the lower level of the W Hotel in Union Square. This definitely meets your objective.

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                I believe it's called Underbar.

              2. You mean Underbar? Personally I would rec the others above Underbar as being more unique and with better cocktails. Also it isn't so hidden being that it's part of the W hotel.

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                  Underbar always seems a little dingy to me too.

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                    Plus, later in the evening, it can be absolutely jammed with scenesters. They feature a bunch of "flavored caphirinas" like mango, etc. - the sort of drinks that strike me as the new chocolate martinis of the cocktail world.

                2. east side company at grand and essex. booths, not couches, but still. very dark.

                  one ultimate east village dive is doc holidays. pool table, juke box, gross. and awesome.

                  1. +1 for cautioning against Underbar. It attracts all the wrong crowds (name an undesirable crowd and it will be represented there, I guarantee it) and there's nothing redeeming about it except its location.

                    +1 for recommending Flatiron Lounge. Excellent drinks and the crowd, even when it's crowded, is very tolerable. The service is good too. Bartenders are very professional and they will try hard to accomodate you if you'd like a booth or a table. Very expensive, but you get what you pay for.

                    1. Temple Bar on Lafayette between Bleecker and Houston - sort of hard to find, it's behind a big wooden door with a lizard etching in the porthole/window. Dark, classy, twinkly lights, Billie Holiday piped down from somewhere far away, and the best $16 martinis in the City.

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                        Temple Bar is the perfect place for a dark and intimate rendezvous

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                          yes, definitely temple bar. also, angel's share has some booths next to the bar and more comfortable seats in the back room. n.b. they don't allow parties of more than 4, and are very strict about enforcing that policy.

                          the east side company bar on essex st just south of grand st is another great suggestion, as are sasha petraske's other two bars, milk & honey and little branch.

                          the street level lounge area of bond street can be good too, depending on the night.

                          one of my favorite east village dives is wcou radio, a.k.a. the tile bar. it's unmarked with a red brick exterior, and is on the northwest corner of 1st ave @ e. 7th st. unpretentious, laid-back, decent liquor selection (they even have some sake) and a good jukebox without being "scary". much better vibe, crowd, and alcohol selection than other places in the immediate area such as bar 81/verchovyna, blue & gold tavern, etc.

                      2. i think the op wants something more lowkey than high end drink joints like pegu, etc.

                        the art bar in the west village would fit your need to a 'T.' 2-4-1 happy hour too.

                        1. My favorite subterranean loungy spot is the back room at Zinc on Houston St near Sullivan. You have to walk by the band to get to the back, but it's loungey with booths and has a really sexy vibe. The music from the band is pumped in which is usually latin jazz or similar.

                          1. I second Zinc Bar. Cozy and intimate. Likewise on Houston St there's Madame X. They have a ton of couches and the whole vibe is this sort of red light, French bordello. Not sure if the crowd there is as mellow as the scene though...it tends to attract a lot of the nearby NYU kids.

                            The OP also asked for EV dives. My votes are Mona's on Ave. B (13th & 14th) and Sophie's on 5th, Both have great jukeboxes.

                            1. You already stole my suggestion of Temple Bar. Auction House is good if you're stuck uptown.

                              For dives, I second Gnu23's suggestions and raise you Ace Bar, Manitoba's, 7B and Double Down Saloon.

                              1. Also I forgot Botanica Bar, which is on Houston b/t Mott and Mulberry. It's low-key, pretty much a dive, and the drinks are great! (Try the "Dark & Stormy.") There is a back room with couches.

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                                  I'll second Botanica. Nice beer selection, too.

                                2. Fuelray Bar, I think might fit the bill. I have only been there once and did get extremely drunk but I do recall heavy drapes, couches, and other assorted mood enhancing decor. It's on W. 3rd St. Wait - but I don't know about drinks - I got drunk on crappy beer!


                                  1. Hi-Fi has the most kickass jukebox of all. I think it's 10th and A, not too divey. Sucks on the weekends, but great every other day. Then I liked the jukebox at the Magician - which is actually LES. The Holliday Lounge on or near St. Mark's place is a dive bar with a decent jukebox also.