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Mar 1, 2007 05:33 AM

dark loungey cocktail place - ideas

want a place below 23rd street with a dark loungey feel. even a place where I could get a pina colada or crazy fun drinks. want couches not chairs. any ideas? also can you recco some total east village dives to hang in - juke box

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  1. Check out the Pegu Club on Houston right off of W. Broadway.
    They have an extensive menu of exotic cocktails that they make with top-shelf liquors and fresh ingredients. I've been there several times and every drink I had was fantastic.
    On the downside it is a bit precious and pretentious so unless you go right when they open you may be turned away. They don't let you stand–you have to sit down.

    1. The Dove in the village is dark and loungy; couches, great cocktails, good scotch selection; gets crowded with a somewhat young crowd, however it's not too full of nyu kids.

      1. do you have an exact location?

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          Thompson betw Bleecker & w3rd. It's a bit below street level...look for it on the east side of the street.

        2. Flatiron Lounge (37 W 19th St between 5th and 6th) sounds like it fits your description - dim lighting, a lot of couches, and excellent drinks (order a pina colada at any serious cocktail bar in NYC at your own peril, though). The caveat: expect to pay the now standard around NYC 'premium cocktail' price of $13.

          1. These are all great suggestions. I have been to all and would second Pegu Club as the best choice.