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Mar 1, 2007 05:10 AM

"New" restaurants...where would you go?

My husband and I used to be pretty up on new restaurants -- not "scene" type places but places that were creating good food for reasonable money. Then came a difficult pregnancy (bedrest) and a bouncing baby girl and we find ourselves 18 months later without a clue where to go now that we've started using the occasional babysitter.

What are your favorites of the places that have either opened in the last 18 months or come into their own during that time period? Bonus points for actually being able to get in -- both in terms of parking and dining.

We're north of Boston but are happy to go into town to enjoy good food.

We're heading out this Sunday so we're looking forward to your suggestions!


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  1. It's on the other site of town, but I really like the Himalayan Bistro in West Roxbury. They opened a few months ago. They have a terrific mix of Nepali and Indian food there. The atmosphere is nice, and it's not that well-known, so getting a table shouldn't be a problem. Plenty of street parking (Centre Street), too.

    1. I want to hit Pava in Newton and Troquet in Boston.

      1. Hi
        If you live north of Boston you may want to try The Catch restaurant in Winchester. You can check out some of reviews on this board but Catch has been a long time favorite of mine. Excellent and creatively prepared seafood with a nice wine list and very nice service. Certainly would comply with your requests regarding "getting in and parking". Plus it is a small room with a very nice atmosphere.

        1. restaurant week starts this sunday night, so i suggest you look on-line on beforehand and call around. alot of places are already sold out for the week.

          douzo in the back bay for sushi, and it's right near a parking garage. rendez-vous in central square is good too. don't know if the have valet.

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            There is the garage around the corner from Rendezvous, and they have a Prix Fixe menu on Sunday nights. I would second the rec!

            1. re: Angel Food

              I'm also a big fan of Rendezvous's Sunday menu. Bonus: You can street park for free on Sundays at meters but also resident parking on side streets. (Resident parking does not apply on Sundays.)

          2. Not "new" restaurants, but may be new to you:
            In Melrose: Turners for fish, and Mexico Lindo for Mexican
            In Wakefield: Duck Walk for Thai, Sushi Island for sushi, Portobellos for Italian/Portugese
            In Everett: Abondanza for Italian
            In Malden: Tivolis for Italian