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Mar 1, 2007 05:01 AM

Still need Birthday dinner help :/

I'm being so indecisive! There will be 6 girls, none of which are into the clubbing paty scene but love delicious food and great wine/cocktails... for my 25th BDay. Something around Cambridge but not opposed to Boston..a place with a great atmosphere and great service but not crazy over the top expensive. I was thinking the East Coast Grill... but I go there a lot and it's not really the kind of place to lounge around after over cocktails... any suggestions!?

Thanks! :)

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  1. I think West Side Lounge might work out for you. Or you could start at Chez Henri, get an apetizer and drink, then go down to West Side for a main course at the bar of grab a table and then, there is always Temple Bar a couple doors down. I think it would make a fun evening.
    Or sticking close to Harvard Square there is Daedelus

    1. Om might be pricey but it's great and the atmosphere is terrific. I love the lounge there.

      Or you could do dinner at Rendezvous and then head to the Enormous Room for drinks.

      I'm sure someone has mentioned Cuchi Cuchi already... That could be really fun and I've had very good meals there.

      1. What was wrong with the last batch of suggestions? Eastern Standard, Cuchi Cuchi, Toro, they're all good as are the above.

        1. What about Dali? Tapas are very festive, the atmosphere is great, and you can sip on sangrias.

          1. The Monday Club Bar at Upstairs on the Square ("downstairs at Upstairs"?) serves excellent, inventive food and fun cocktails, plus it sports a nice wine list. Prices downstairs are semi-reasonable, certainly no worse than at ECG. The decor is decidedly cool and a little bizarre, think "Alice in Wonderland" goes to Harvard. Service is competent, if a tad erratic when busy.

            I would not recommend the upstairs Soiree Room. A little too quiet, and a lot too expensive.