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Mar 1, 2007 03:12 AM

Going to AZ

Gonna be in Phoenix/Mesa area on 3/9-3/11. May travel out to some of th parks. Want suggestions for good, local SW food that we can't get n FLA. I like downhome, not fancy. Also, maybe a vegetarian/health food place as well.
THX. CAn AZ impress this FLA chowhound?

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  1. for vegetarian, i'd try udupi on the scottsdale road.....for local-ish flavor, i'd say durants, richardsons, lolo's chicken and waffles, carolina's for the best tortillas on earth, rancho pinot for more upscale regional fare, and tammy coe for the best cupcakes ever. :)

    1. I'd add Los Dos Molinos off of Alma School to your list. Southwestern Style, torch your mouth Mexican Food! For a more upscale Mexican experience consider Rancho de Tia Rosa

      Billy Bob

      1. Cowboy Ciao in Scottsdale is very good and unique. I agree with Richardson's and Los Dos, but the spice at Los Dos may kill someone from Florida. Roaring Fork in Scottsdale is kind of upscale cowboy food and very well done. Lon's at the Hermosa is also quite good, although maybe a little more than you're looking for. Good luck.


        1. If you're in the Mesa area, I'd recommend trying Blue Adobe Grill. It's New-Mexican style (not overly spicy though), and they have the best chips/salsa in town, IMO. At one time I would have agreed with the Los Dos Molinos recommendation, but my last couple of experiences there have been disappointing.

          1. I concur with the preference for Blue Adobe over Los Dos Molinos, but it's important to keep in mind that the two restaurants are somewhat different. Blue Adobe is a little more upscale and a little tame by NM standards. Los Dos is more down-home and quite fiery. I agree that Los Dos has slipped in recent years, but it may still be of interest to someone from out of town.

            As for the "vegetarian / healthy" category, I recommend Pita Jungle, with three (soon to be four) locations in the area: