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Mar 1, 2007 12:07 AM

need a good chinese market in nyc

for years i shopped at the market at the end of mott st for all my chinese food and cookwares untill they closed a couple of years ago. I've been able to find some good grocers but I can't find a place that sells chinese/asian cookware supplies (like tooks, pans, cheung fun pans ect.) does anyone have any suggestions?

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  1. No food, but I love Hung Chong Imports, 14 Bowery off Pell St, at Confucius Plaza (212) 349-1463.

    They are very friendly and helpful. I bought a three-tiered stainless steel steamer set, complete with nesting pot and glass lid. It's my favorite thing in the kitchen, and I have not touched a bamboo steamer since.

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    1. You can try Pearl River, Broadway between Grand and Broome.

      1. Division street has a couple of restaurant supplies stores.

        1. Try Hong Kong Supermarket and the Thai market off of Mott (near Columbus Park) for food. The restaurant supply stores in the Bowery for cookware.